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Thread: Should I buy characters individually or as a group?

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    Should I buy characters individually or as a group?

    Because I want to make sure if I'm saving money by doing either. I want to get ones individually, but at the same time, if I buy a group of action figures (like 3-10) I can save money. What's a fangirl to do? (the same goes for He-man).

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    Ahhh, this is an age-old question! I feel your pain My approach has been to buy the figures individually, over time, when I saw one that was in good condition. Could I have saved money buying a lot? Sure...but then I probably would have felt badly about the figures...POP gals in lots tend to be missing clothing and have super matted hair. So if you buy a lot, read up on other fan's techniques for detangling hair and washing figures, and be prepared to put some time into "restoring" your collection. You also run the risk of getting a bunch of figures without accessories. Then, you'll end up hunting for Frosta's wand or something, and auctions for single accessories tend to be pricey. Ever seen auctions on pieces of the Crystal Castle? Yeah, those can get expensive.

    So, my bottom line is that it's like buying anything else - a house, a car, clothing - in that if you want it to be in perfect condition, you'll end up paying for it...but buying it in used condition might mean you don't get everything you want and have to work a bit to fix it up.

    If you're just looking to own the figures, and aren't a super huge fan, go for a lot because you will save on shipping at the least. But consider looking for the figures you really love in better condition and buying them on their own.

    Hope that helps, and be sure to check out the POP Marketplace here - you never know who will be selling what, and fans definitely take care of these toys

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    i agree... if you are a 'completest' like i am, you're going to want to buy one at a time, in perfect condition.

    if you just want to have the figures with most, but not all accessories, then in a lot is a better way to go.

    if you're a completest and try buying in lots, you will end up paying more in the end for those last remaining accessories, and then have a bunch of stuff left over that you then have the hassle of reselling... unless you like reselling! (i don't! i consider it a headache!)

    anyway, happy collecting!
    - LadyAngora

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    I had an idea if I got a group of action figures and I had some extras of ones I already had (in this case Original She-ra, Frosta, Glimmer, and Scratchin' Sound Catra*) I could use them to display the fashion clothes that came out.

    *I also have Bow, Hordak, Grizzlor, and Leech but I can't use this because they're male characters.

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    Grizzlor is all about fashion.

    ..(the only, absolute only, reason to buy lots, is so that you can personaly throw away crappy toys, and make it simpler and cleaner for other shoppers in the future, as well as increasing the rarity of crap (for no particular reason).)

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    I've personally bought my POP figs individually - just to be sure all the parts were there. Often when you buy figs in a group, they don't always have all their parts - and it can be a pain tracking down parts for particular figs. I have bought small lots to get parts for this or that fig or playset - I've had to buy 2 Crystal Castles to get one complete castle, and have ended up with 4 she-ra dolls, 2 glimmers and 2 angellas.
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