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Thread: Save man-at-arms

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    Your Man-at-arms is dead son, accept it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OptimusOfGrayskull View Post

    Your Man-at-arms is dead son, accept it.

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    I figured it was just a matter of time before someone started a petition on this... *sigh*

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    Yeah, Duncan shouldn't die. It's stupid. I want a NA-style version of him anyway!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jinxieman View Post
    I agree. It's done, let's move on. Nothing can or will be done to change the bio, especially since these figures are most likely produced and on their way to Mattel.
    Mattel have changed the bios several times in the past...

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    Each to their own as obviously your opinion is your opinion but i still find it hard to believe that some folks let particular bios aggrieve them to whatever extent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibentmyman-thing View Post
    My figure looks pretty alive to me.
    Mine too. He keeps me up all night working on his inventions in my closet.

    Quote Originally Posted by MILK-MAN View Post
    Death is a reality of war, period. ThIS is "The Ultimate Battle Ground" were talking about. Call it lazy writing as some have put it, whatever you want. Its reality, its drama, its interesting. While it would be great for everyone to be able to just get along and live in a gum drop world, full of cotton candy clouds on lolli-pop lane, thats just boring. Even I as a child acting out scenarios, not all the characters would make it back from some battles. Stratos usually got shot out of the sky, because some jack tard would forget to guard the Battle Ram and a minion would launch a nice big red missle at him and POW!!! A big bloody, feathery mess would come crashing to the floor!! But the best part, toys don't really die and neither do fictional characters so I could easily resurrect them and have many, many more adventures. The more characters they create and produce the more can be killed off one by one, hello!! This line could go FOREVER!!!
    If you don't want Duncan dead don't read the Bios, simple as that.. Make up your own adventures for sure!! If Duncans death bothers you, I think you would hate my story line...
    I agree! I don't see why everyone is Up-In-Arms about this, or any of the deaths in the bios. Everyone dies eventually. Kind of like the thread about the bio that mentions the future "Years after Gwildor's death" when people are trying to figure out who killed him, or are excited that Scott decided to have him killed. It's in the future. Who's to say he didn't die naturally? But, the point is, these characters are not immortal. If they were, it wouldn't be as interesting. Also, as someone mentioned, you have an imagination, use it! Make your own mythos.

    And to invalidate another argument, this does not prevent more variants being made, as they aren't produced chronologically, and they can always find a way to work it into the story somehow.

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