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Thread: fs or ft figures, vehicles, and lots of parts

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    fs or ft figures, vehicles, and lots of parts

    prices are as is obo

    battle ram with 2 missles $15
    fright zone gate broken hinge FREE with order
    laser bolt (missing head piece) $1
    road ripper x2 missing ripcord $5 each
    roton complete $7
    roton missing guns $5
    spydor legs x5 $1 each
    point dread and talon fighter missing cardboard insert $25

    ALL FIGURES $5 OBO unless price specified
    glimmer w/ skirt, armour & staff $15
    peekablue w/ skirt & tail $20
    teela x2
    webster $7 missing hook
    zoar missing stand base $10

    MINI COMICS $3 each
    terror claws skeletor

    beastman armour orange, orange arm bands x4
    beastman armour red, red arm bands, red arm band missing strap
    Bow armour, bow
    buzzoff axe
    castle grey skull double handle gun x3
    crystal castle playset - bed, dresser, treasure chest top x2, chair legs x2, chair top, fire place, shell, rail, elevator x2, weapon stand x2, play set clip, window pane
    dragon blaster skeletor armour
    fisto armour
    frosta cape
    glimmer staff, skirt
    grizzlor bow
    he-man blue sword, axe x2, 1 damaged blue sword
    hordak armour, bat x2, head
    jitsu armour
    king hiss armour, staff
    man-at-arms armour
    mossman mace x2
    modulok male gun, chest x2, block piece x5, bug eye head x2, y connector, red arm set, right red & purple arm, red & purple leg set, right red & purple leg, red & green leg set x3, red and white toe leg set, red and white toe left leg
    multibot female gun x2, orange arm set, purple leg set, chest, square connector, orange head
    roboto axe x2, gun x2
    she-ra mask
    skeletor head has a hole in the back
    snake face staff
    snake mountain net peg
    spikor axe x2
    stinkor armour, shield x2, back armour, shield missing handle, back armour missing tabs
    startos red and blue arm feathers damaged
    terror claws skeletor claw set
    tri klops armour
    twobad shield missing handle
    webster back armour, gun
    weapons pack - grey shield x3, grey shiled missing handle
    zoar or screech tail armour piece

    he-man want list

    beam blaster complete
    castle grey skull - card board weapons piece, shield handle or complete shield, hand gun
    eternia -1 central blue rail support, red windshield for the big red cannon on top, 1 long chain that connects jail door to jail ball to open gate, 1 chain to hold the rail for the snake castle, grey door lever (controls the lower jaw of lion to open and close door), gold manta ray, white jetpack with dual gun for rail, grey missle for the motor that moves around the track, small blue rail guide piece
    jetsled - blue chest piece backing only or complete set
    king randor - cape, staff
    modulok - tail piece
    multibot - male end of gun, black double connector piece x1
    ninjor - bow, sword
    orko - zipper, all coins (skeletor, teela, he-man, manatarms, stratos)
    rotar - stand
    sorceress - staff
    triklops - ring
    twistoid - stand, 2 gears

    she-ra want list

    Accessories kits - all
    Arrow – everything
    Bow – head piece
    Bubblepower she-ra – everything
    Butterflyer – everything
    Castaspella – shoulder armour
    catra - dress with tail
    Clawdeen - everything
    crystal castle - chandelier, flag & pole
    Crystal swiftwind – reins, headpiece, saddle
    Entrapta – shield, armour
    Enchantra – everything
    Flutterina – wings, dress
    Glimmer – head piece
    Lokee – everything
    Netossa – everything
    Royal swiftwind – armour, saddle, reins
    Perfuma – dress, backpack
    Scratch and sound catra – mask
    Seaharp – need cushion and reins
    She-ra – shield, sword
    Shower power catra - - everything
    Silver storm – everything
    Spinerella – everything
    Starburst she-ra – have cape only
    Storm - saddle
    Sweetbee – wings
    Swiftwind – everything
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