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Thread: Vintage sale! - US, EU, Spain, Rotoplast, 8backs, variants, etc!

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    Vintage sale! - US, EU, Spain, Rotoplast, 8backs, variants, etc!

    The following things are currently available and on-hold:

    2pack BASkelLandShark = 230 EUR
    2pack SkelPanth = 460 EUR *** ON HOLD !!! ***
    EU He-Man = 460 EUR *** ON HOLD !!! ***
    EU Prince Adam = 550 EUR
    EU M-E-F = 500 EUR
    EU Jitsu = 170 EUR
    EU Mer-Man = 200 EUR
    EU Mantenna = 140 EUR *** ON HOLD !!! ***
    EU Leech = 110 EUR *** ON HOLD !!! ***
    Skeletor Greece = 250 EUR *** ON HOLD !!! ***
    Skeletor Spain 8back = 550 EUR
    Skeletor Spain Promo = 170 EUR *** ON HOLD !!! ***
    Skeletor US 8back = 1600 EUR
    Skeletor US picture = 360 EUR
    Rotoplast Stridor = 220 EUR
    Meteorbs CometCat = 110 EUR
    Meteorbs Cometroid = 35 EUR
    Meteorbs Dinosorb = 35 EUR
    Meteorbs Orbear = 35 EUR
    Meteorbs Tuskor = 35 EUR
    US Stiltstalkers = 25 EUR
    Hi dudes,
    after a long time here are some things for sale.

    If interested only contact me via E-mail - please no PMs! Thanks. It can take up to 2-3 days until i get back to you.
    My emailadress i created for this sale for easier communication is:

    Don't forget to mention your MOTU-forum and forum-name in the note, thanx!
    You can of course also still email me to my regular emailadress, if you know it.

    * Shipping worldwide!
    Only exact shipping costs, no extra packing fees etc.

    * Shipping can start by the End of May!

    * Payment:
    European Union: banktransfer only
    Worldwide: PayPal with money on balance (i cannot and will not accept regular CreditCard payments, because i don't want to be ripped off)

    * Payment in rates is possible!
    Shipping will be done as soon as total money is received.

    * Keeping on hold: I can keep an item on hold for 5 days max, if you pay a first rate it's of course kept on hold for you entirely.

    * The pictured acrylic cases (CloudCity) are only included when the description mentions it (blue color)!

    Ok, let's get it on!


    U.S. 2-pack B.A. Skeletor & Landshark MIB

    Links to bigger and more detailed photos:

    was opened on one side, unplayed n mint, blister window clear but detached (glue dryed out)

    Price: 230,- EUR


    U.S. 2-pack Skeletor & Panther MISB

    Links to bigger and more detailed photos:

    good colors, blister yellowed, 3 small tape pieces on card, mini haircrack in blister, see pics

    Price: 460,- EUR


    EURO He-Man MOSC - Malaysia hardhead

    Links to bigger and more detailed photos:

    unpunched, clear blister, strong colors, stressline horizontally on card, malaysia variant with hardhead and AXE HANDLE

    Price: 460,- EUR


    EURO Prince Adam MOSC - Malaysia hardhead *casefresh*
    ** includes the CloudCity acrylic case! **

    Links to bigger and more detailed photos:

    CASEFRESH & unpunched, Top example, super card colors, clear blister

    Price: 550,- EUR


    EURO Man-E-Faces MOSC - 1st edition!
    ** includes the CloudCity acrylic case! **

    Links to bigger and more detailed photos:

    blister intact, slightly yellowed, card colors are still good, M-E-F does have some slight white film on his shoulders, it's the fitst edition (G1 card) with early minicomic variant

    Price: 500,- EUR


    EURO Jitsu MOSC - 1st edition*casefresh*

    Links to bigger and more detailed photos:

    CASEFRESH!, unpunched, blister tightly sealed and very slightly yellowed, great colors on the card, 1st edition with early minicomic

    Price: 170,- EUR


    EURO Mer-Man MOSC - french green belt

    Links to bigger and more detailed photos:

    french version with green belt (similar to (U.S. 8back), blister clear with a few defects (see pics), card in good condition with great colors

    Price: 200,- EUR
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