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Thread: Hand-made movie posters from Ghana

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    Hand-made movie posters from Ghana

    This is an hand-painted movie poster painted by a talented artist in Ghana. The artist is a leader in African film poster paintings and has many of his works published in the book "Extreme Canvas: hand painted movie posters from Ghana."

    This MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE painting was used to advertise a mobile film screening in Ghana. The painting is signed by the artist. The painting is oil on canvas. Size is 1.5 meters x 1 meter.
    This is from the description of the book:
    "In the 1980s a group of entrepreneurs in Ghana created small-scale, mobile film-distribution empires, hitting the road with videocassettes, television monitors, portable gas-powered generators and rolled-up, hand-painted, artist-signed canvas posters. This new medium created the first opportunity for some of the best young painters in Ghana to express themselves on a public scale. In the frequent absence of an original image upon which to base the work they had been commissioned to produce, the artists inevitably created cinematic paintings that were largely interpretive and imagination-driven."

    Artist: Francisco
    Video Club: Abu Video Club
    Year: 1990’s
    Genre: Fantasy / Comedy
    Dimensions: 70″ x 43″

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    Wow! Now I could care less about the movie (I know, I know, heretic!) but these posters are BEAUTIFUL!!!! You can see the love and effort that's gone into them. I really like the third one there, because it's so out there. You can see what it's supposed to be, but the artists interpretation of it is just wonderful. I've seen other movie posters that have this type of art, and they're all really quite amazing.

    It's a lucky fan who can drop the dough on one of these pieces of art, and holy wow, what a conversation piece for the collection. Thanks for sharing!!!!!
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    That is way cool! Thanks for posting these!
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