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Thread: How come Shadow Weaver didn't get an action figure but Spinnerella did?

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    How come Shadow Weaver didn't get an action figure but Spinnerella did?

    Yes I know Shadow Weaver has an action figure for the Classics collection (I can't afford the $100 for it). But how come when the series was on the air, Shadow Weaver who has appeared in numerous episodes gets no action figure but Spinnerella, who only appeared in what one episode gets an action figure?

    Now I think about it, if they did make an action figure of her, then she would be as hard to find as the Sorceress from He-man.

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    She was prettier than Shadow Weaver, used easy parts sharing, and was only in the cartoon to sell the toy.
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    Shadow Weaver was an original Filmation character and she never got an official figure released until now.

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    yes, unfortunately, i believe it's always about the money... they figured they could produce Spinny and get more interest in her to sell than they could for Shadow Weaver... and at the time, they may have been correct... today, however, i think most people would rather have Shadow Weaver! (of course, i want both...)
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    You mean in the orgianl 80s series?

    Isnt it obvious? what kind of girl woul have bought such a boring character?
    Same for OCTAVIA and SCORPIA.

    Not girlie enough and the whole HORSE troup was not in the toy collection (CATRA does not count).

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    They proabaly would have had the series continued
    but the ones I always wanted were madame razz and broom as well as granita and the twiggets too.

    In a perfect world it seems we get all the chars we want sadly real life isn' like that(peers over at the custom starchild on desk and sighs)
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