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Thread: Does She-Ra Have More Access to the Power of Grayskull?

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    I used to be of the opinion that He-Man and She-Ra were of more or less equal power as they were both twins and share similar swords that help draw upon the Power of Grayskull. Nowadays I’m not so sure.

    For one, She-Ra actually appears to have more powers from the “stone of protection” in her sword to the Power of all Etheria which she draws upon in the episode “Glimmer's Story”:

    These additional powers would indicate she is more powerful and maybe the reason why She-Ra appears to lead when they team-up. (Note. He-Man might also allow She-Ra to lead as she has more experience of leading from being a Force Captain in the Horde.)

    While if their power is within them and based on willpower as indicated on the She-Ra MOTUC action figure info panel and recently in DC's He-Man comic I would expect She-Ra to be potentially stronger and more powerful. This is because she has a greater reason to do good as she is in need of redemption as a result of the bad things Adora/Despara did in the Horde.

    Other observations in support of She-Ra being more powerful include:
    • that she wears a crown/tiara unlike He-Man. The crown/tiara could indicate a greater power and/or higher status.
    • Hordak stating that “No-one is as strong as She-Ra” in the episode “Enemy With My Face”. Presumably, he is aware of He-Man through having faced him in the comics or through keeping tabs on his arch-rival Skeletor.

    I beginning to feel He-Man is a bit of a weakling compared to his sister. Maybe he needs powering-up or needs to undergo some life changing event that strengthens his willpower.
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    Skeletor tends to beat up Hordak whenever they fight, though. I'd say that the Horde is a much bigger threat than the Evil Warriors, but one-on-one, Hordak isn't as bad as Skeletor. For all his vaunted power, he's much less of a fighter in the original series.

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