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Thread: Shadow Weaver variant (for people that can't afford subscription and second sellers)

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    Shadow Weaver solution (for people that can't afford subscription and second sellers)

    Let's hear your voice! Are you all subscribers and/or full of money?
    Please don't say no just because you are so lucky to already have Shadow Weaver!
    The 52 "NO" answers are from people that already have SW and/or didn't read the thread, they didn't say no for a real reason, they said no because they don't have our "problem", that's all.
    Shadow Weaver as a sub exclusive was a crime, a slap in the face of every fan, Shadow Weaver is an A character not just a variant for completists. Every MOTUC fan should have it.
    So there are a lot of way to give Shadow Weaver to people that don't have a lot of money, but we don't want a loophole variant we want a legitimate solution, because everybody should be happy with their MOTUC collection.
    Dark Specter suggested in his reply (click here) to do a Light Spinner figure that can turn into Shadow Weaver (the best idea ever!):

    P.S. I didn't need Stinkor nevertheless when on this forum they started the threads about the Stinkor forearms I was immediately by their side, do you wanna know why?
    Because UNITED WE STANDS, divided we fall!
    Mattel and Toy Guru are here only for the money, they don't care about us, so against them we must be like a rattlesnake, we never begin an attack but once engaged we shall never surrender! We must be like a massive wall without cracks, we must be their worst nightmare!
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