Ive never posted before but am a site regular. I watch all of the great customs people do and it got me thinking. I sculpt heads in clay, busts,props, cast with rubber skins and polyurethane foam solid insides, acrylic painted and then sealed. I generally do horror stuff but always wanted to try MOTU but was shy at the thought of failing in an area that I love so much.Anyway, I just started my first, I picked Trap Jaw, may favourite and he is coming along reasonably well.He is i bit of a mix of vintage and modern in design.I think that other fans might like these too but havent found anyone else doing it (Im sure there must be someone). I was worried about sculpting/selling something that is trademarked, I looked on here in the admin rules section and found:

"8.Fans are permitted to discuss mass produced custom items,
or to post about the sale of their own mass produced custom items,
or to post links to sites selling a mass produced custom items,
as long as they are completely original creations!
Posts must be about mass produced artwork that is handcrafted from scratch or items featuring said artwork

I dont want to break any rules either of the site/or legal but I am surprised that this isnt being done, which makes me wonder why. So anyone with info of the above, or anyone who would be interested if i were to put them up for sale somewhere (if they are legal) and where to put them for sale? Ive read of ways to sell linked to here, but dont know much about it.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.