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    Custom MOTUC Character : Ar-Mor

    Cowardly Master of Defense

    Bio: Armak Orlo, raised in the palace of eternia as a page. Orlo eventually schemed his way into the ranks of the guardsman seeking personal power, despite being a complete coward. Using underhanded tactics he worked his way up in the ranks of Eternian palace guardsman until one night when Hordak appeared and offered him riches in exchange for the guardsman turning a blind eye whenever Hordak required entry to the Palace, in exchange for the promise of great power once Hordak ruled Eternia.
    The Palace of Eternia was secretly invaded on many occasions by Hordaks forces, and on one such occasion the newborn princess Adora was even kidnapped by Hordak along with his pupil Skeletor. Hordak escaped with the princess, but Skeletor had been captured.
    Armak’s implication in the kidnapping was soon discovered by a guardsman named Duncan. Terrified, Orlo fled in a panic from the palace grounds following the recently freed Skeletor. Once he had caught up with him. Armak begged Skeletor for his protection; who himself had only recently bargained for his own freedom from the Eternian dungeons with information about Hordak; in exchange for his help, Skeletor demanded lifelong servitude.
    Using his magic, Skeletor helped forge an near unbreakable suit of armor from a small supply of Eternium in the armory of snake mountain. Unknown to Armak, Skeletor placed an enchantment upon the suit that ensured his loyalty as long as he wears the armor. Now serving as an enforcer for Skeletor in the Dark lands , and calling himself Ar-Mor, he serves Skeletor by keeping small weak villages in line.

    Here is how Ar-Mor Currently now looks thanks to fan ideas on weapons I used for him...

    Below is images of how he USED to look originally, decided to hide the crappy old ones in a spoiler tag, lol...

    Paint's Used
    Walmart Acrylic's [all]
    Flat black
    Gloss Black
    White - hair only
    Metallic purple
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