He-Man Fan Video Contest!


Get Your Video Included In The Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary DVD Box Set!

We are commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Masters of the Universe with a NEW Box Set which will include an ALL NEW DOCUMENTARY. We want the world to know just how committed MOTU fans are to these historic characters. We want your fan videos to be including in our commemorative release! Whether it's a home video, footage from conventions or just fans showing off their collections and love of all things MOTU, we want to see it! Below are some technical requirements and suggestions for themes and style. We are going to include as many fan submissions as possible, but don't feel left out if you aren't chosen. If you submit a video meeting our requirements, you will be included in the credits of the film regardless if your submission is used or not. Those chosen will receive a complimentary 30th Anniversary Box Set (contents to be determined) once production is complete.

Content we are looking for:

  • How you are a MOTU fan today
  • Show your passion (Costumes / Gear / Reenactments)
  • Show your children as the new generation of fans
  • An office or home full of action figures
  • Featured art and other merchandise relating to MOTU
  • Uniqueness, level of fan commitment and quality will be favored.

Not a requirement, but we would like to know these things too:

  • How long have you been a He-Man/Masters fan?
  • First memory of He-Man?
  • How has your passion grown over the past 30 years?
  • Where do you see He-Man in another 30 years?
  • What makes MOTU so special that it has endured over three decades?

Technical Requirements:

We are looking for good quality video but don't be discouraged if you don't have the latest and greatest camera. We just need to be able to SEE and HEAR what you are showing us. An iPhone video or HD webcam is perfectly acceptable for submission and what we expect from most people. 1280x720p .mp4, .wmv, and .mov are the preferred formats. Other formats may work but if we can't open your file we can't use it.

Your video submission must be under 3 minutes long and your file size must be less than 1 Gigabyte total.

If you can't send a video, feel free to send us stills or even audio! We prefer video but pictures will be used too!

Video submissions are due by June 15th, June 22nd June 29th!