So my friends and I were sitting around complaining about how we would have an another boring summer. We live in Wyoming and honestly, there is nothing much to do here other than watch paint dry and grass grow. I don't know what possessed me, but I suddenly blurted out that we should make a movie. Not only that lets make our own episode of She-Ra! Let me say that NONE of my friends are fans of He-Man or She-Ra, but they know of my obsession. They thought about if for a second and I could see the objections forming in their heads. My partner, who I've lived with for four years, has at least come to appreciate the shows and my collection of MOTU Classics. He piped right up and agreed with me! So in the end everyone agree to do it!!! It's not going to be anything fancy, just us in homemade costumes and a bad camera, but I think its going to be an awesome way to spend the summer. I thought if anyone else would appreciate it, it would be the other fans here on We've already made a couple of props, so I'll post the pictures. I'd love to hear everyone's opinion of them. Please remember that its just me and me friends messing around with little money. We're not making a Hollywood movie here people I'll post more images as we make props and stills shots as the movie gets made. Hope everyone enjoys!!!