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    i thought the hidden level/character angle would have been easily done, and a nod to gamers as well. if they did, "she has a glitch,and just "forgot" that it was cool, and now all the others mock her cause they forgot that it was cool, they should have been a bit more intentional about letting people know. like it was turrets or something, "hey kids, its ok to be different" i get it, but again, didnt know why they didnt do the realistic angle..... and the turbo guy. that was really cool and caught me off guard. i found that interesting. and i think if they did him as the king, it would have been cool to find the "real king" (silvermans dad) locked away somewhere... but i mean, you could go on forever like that. i just wish they would have explained the hidden course that was out of "service"

    as far as other characters, I dont want to "see" anymore than i already have. like, i dont mind the brief cameos, but that was the point, to put these new characters next to those, so these become classic/timeless and over all we feel close to them. i think they did a really good job.

    as far as the next movie.....
    it would be cool if they find out that Turbo wasn't killed and he is game jumping causing havok, so they have to go on an adventure through 3 or 4 more new games (say, Felix, Ralph, Heroes Duty Chick, and SS) and through those next few games, they meet 2 or 3 new faces we grow to love, including a love interest for ralph (i dont need this angle but they would probably play it up) and eventually kill turbo who is trying to game jump, ruin the games and get the archade shut down. OR, have the arcade slowly shut down because of kids not going there, and have them try and find a way to survive, maybe a KID transports INTO the game!! and then brings his/her i pad in, and transports all of them into their device!

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