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Thread: Disney's Wreck-it Ralph!

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    i thought the hidden level/character angle would have been easily done, and a nod to gamers as well. if they did, "she has a glitch,and just "forgot" that it was cool, and now all the others mock her cause they forgot that it was cool, they should have been a bit more intentional about letting people know. like it was turrets or something, "hey kids, its ok to be different" i get it, but again, didnt know why they didnt do the realistic angle..... and the turbo guy. that was really cool and caught me off guard. i found that interesting. and i think if they did him as the king, it would have been cool to find the "real king" (silvermans dad) locked away somewhere... but i mean, you could go on forever like that. i just wish they would have explained the hidden course that was out of "service"

    as far as other characters, I dont want to "see" anymore than i already have. like, i dont mind the brief cameos, but that was the point, to put these new characters next to those, so these become classic/timeless and over all we feel close to them. i think they did a really good job.

    as far as the next movie.....
    it would be cool if they find out that Turbo wasn't killed and he is game jumping causing havok, so they have to go on an adventure through 3 or 4 more new games (say, Felix, Ralph, Heroes Duty Chick, and SS) and through those next few games, they meet 2 or 3 new faces we grow to love, including a love interest for ralph (i dont need this angle but they would probably play it up) and eventually kill turbo who is trying to game jump, ruin the games and get the archade shut down. OR, have the arcade slowly shut down because of kids not going there, and have them try and find a way to survive, maybe a KID transports INTO the game!! and then brings his/her i pad in, and transports all of them into their device!

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    I am hoping to see it either tomorrow by myself or this weekend with my wife. Can't wait!
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    I'm seeing this on sunday with a friend. It's gonna be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    This movie was excellent. I went in not sure what to exactly expect and came out very pleased. It was funny, it had a lot of great one liners and puns, it had some awesome video game references in there, not to mention the gaming characters, but used them to advance their own story instead of just relying on those to sell the movie. I am very surprised and happy to see it turn out well. This is probably Disney's best movie since The Princess and the Frog. Heck, I wish this had been a Pixar movie because it was way better than both Brave and Cars 2 combined. Not to mention the short before the movie was incredible in both style and execution.
    I agree with what you said, Cars 2 was a let down and Brave was good but has the same story like any Disney princess movie, this was a nice change of pace.
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    Saw it yesterday, thought it was great. This isn't exactly Citizen Kane, but then if I had wanted to see Citizen Kane I'd have rented it.

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    First off Brave was not a disney princess style movie.

    -She didn't get married or want to get married.
    -She wasn't saved by a hansome prince/charming rouge, cute mascot, etc.
    -She was saved by her mother.
    -While the monster bear was a threat, the real enemy was her own pride.
    -It was a mother/daughter relationship movie witch hasn't been done.
    -There was no cute mascot character.
    -She didn't break into song.
    -The Witch character was more of a force of nature then an evil monster.
    -Her character wasn't girly or lady like.
    -She had no romantic interest, leaving her land to go to far off places, going to balls/fancy places, singing, talking to wild animals, or living in the woods with seven short guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HarryCanyon View Post
    I agree with what you said, Cars 2 was a let down and Brave was good but has the same story like any Disney princess movie, this was a nice change of pace.
    I don't mean that Cars 2 was bad, as I thought it was better than the first Cars (my least favorite Pixar movie), it's just that it was not up to par with the other Pixar movies.
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    Saw it last night, thought it was great!

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    ...well I just got back from watching it FINALLY! I gotta say.. I LOVED IT!!! I was actually REALLY surprised at how good of a movie it was.

    Without question, this is one of those Toy Story 1 kind of movies. You will find yourself thinking ALOT about the movie an things that happened in it afterward an going.. OH YA!!! I get that now... plus it has that whole.. making you rethink arcade games, like how Toy Story did with toys.

    ...I cant wait to see this movie again. HOPEFULLY in the VERY near future!

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