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    Toyguru MOTUC News Thread June 2012

    Welcome to the Toyguru MOTUC news thread for June 2012!

    Toyguru's Recent Posts on's Forum

    Like last year, instead of posting EVERY little thing in it's own post, I'll gather them ALL the relevant MOTUC Ask Matty postings here. Keep checking for updates! The old threads are ancient history and won't be updated anymore. This is the new spot until next month.

    As always, I'll put the most recent news up first, while the old news is down the bottom.

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    NEW STUFF!!!

    Horde Prime second accessory in a Weapons Pak?

    I was wondering if we could see another Horde Prime accessory made? I'm not including the second head, or comic as the second accessory.

    You will see the weapon pak at SDCC.
    DC Versus Masters Of The Universe Two-Packs

    Any plans to revive the DC Universe Versus Masters Of The Universe Action Figure Two-Packs?

    Mini comic 2

    Just wanted to say you did a great job on the second mini comic.

    Glad you like it! Wait till you see issue 3!
    Family Connection

    After reading the new Masters of the Universe #1 comic what family connection does Sir Laser-Lot have with Dekker & Clamp Champ. It seems that Sir Laser-Lot was from KG time, Dekker from King Miro time & Clamp Champ from King Randor time.

    Sir Laser Lot is not related to Dekker or Clamp Champ
    Vykron release

    I tried looking in the search but I couldn't find it. When Will he be released on the site? Is it July or August. It would be good to know for shipping reasons. Thank you

    Vykron will be sold first at SDCC and on a few weeks after the show. But the Barbarian pack out will be exclusive to the show.
    DC Comics designs

    The designs of the main characters in the new DC comics are horrible, the example of Evil-Lyn for example is very clear, almost like another character differently, Mattel decides nothing as to the designs of these characters as major in the MOTU universe?

    DC Comics has the creative freedom (within reason) on the looks and storylines in their new mini series.
    Battle Armor He-man

    will there by chance be any more Battle Armor He-man put on sale sometime this year?

    No plans to announce right now. Stay tuned.
    New MOTUC Universe - Plans??

    It appears that Matty is really kicking off 'new MOTU' in grand style- i.e., inserting 30th figures into the mini-comics, digital comics, and making references to their history in the bios. I've asked a similar question on this topic before, so forgive me, but I'm struggling with how these characters will be handled in toy media given the forward momentum of MOTUC thus far. Up until now MOTUC has been content to put out great toys from the line as it existed originally, 200X, POP, and NA, but all of a sudden there feels like an explosion of media attempting to up lift the new 30th figures which presents possibilities for offshoot characters, brand new character toys (i.e., Gladiator, Beast Lord, et.c), different heads possibilities for Sir Laser-Lot, etc. In other words, so much new MOTU that I'm concerned the universe may be expanding beyond what can realistically be done in toys given the current backlog and the fact that the Horsemen are, after all mere mortals.

    Granted, I WANT new toys associated with these 30th guys, new media tie-ins, new cross-sells, and God willing someday new MOTU on retail pegs, but if the comics are all we get I don't want to lose these new 30th guys (as they seem really cool and could user even further fleshing out) amongst the vintage product already slated.

    It seems logical that as long as the 30th characters are given further variants, multiple heads/costumes, etc. then they won't disappear into MOTUC and be lost forever, but what guarantee do we have that you have some kind of overall plan? It stands to reason that if you're introducing them everywhere recently and standing them up in all manner of media then you do have a plan, but we the fans really don't know that. You DO have a plan don't you? Care to share please?

    Our long term plan is to promote all MOTU characters, old, new and everytihng in between.
    MOTUC v. DC Universe - Green Lantern v. Zodac 2-pack?

    It's been forever since this set was released, but I still have not seen it at retail. Are these sitting in a warehouse somewhere where I might see them on shelves one day, or were fewer numbers of this set produced because of the lackluster performance of the Green Lantern movie merchandise, or what? Thanks!

    You will need to ask TRU. All of our units have been shipped to them. I have personally seen this set multiple times at the Culver City and Hawthorn TRU locations.
    SDCC 2012

    hi, without clues, we will see in the SDCC one character of the most in demand by fans, excluding those already seen?

    There will be lots of surprises!

    Just wondering if it would be easier to get a Castle Grayskull if all subscribers would be willing to sacrifice all beast, multi-packs, and special figs for a year.

    No. A playset takes way more tooling and design. They are not at all equivolent.
    GRIFFIN: Is it meeting sales expectations?

    Since the Griffin has not sold out yet, would you say that it's doing worse than "OK" ? Will the slow sales of the Griffin effect our chances of getting more beasts in the future?

    Grffin did okay. We had some items sell better, some worst. The 2013 sub sales will determine how big or small the 2014 line will be.
    Vac-Metal: has it been decided to NOT use it going forward???

    I've been trying to find pics of Spikor with a chrome trident, no dice. Did you guys decide to do away with vac-metal for the MOTUC figures?? If so, You do realize that there will be inconsistencies in the line since Hurricane Hordak and Thunder Punch He-Man have the APPROPRIATE chroming on their parts.

    No we have not eliminated vac metal. This feature is used on a figure by figure bases as decided by Ruben and his design team.
    Boosting MOTUC sub sales

    I was thinking that more consumers would be willing to commit to an annual sub if they had a better idea of what was coming in that year - not necessarily the exact schedule, but at least have an idea of what characters and items are coming out in the course of the year. You still have flexibility if figures run into snags, but collectors will have more to get excited about when they KNOW what to expect.

    There are just too many unknown factors for this. But we do offer day-of product for exactly this reason, so for those wanting only certain characters they can choose.
    Zodac & Zodak

    Why didn't Zodac participate in the 1st Ultimate battleground alongside Zodak in minicomic 2? In his bio he becomes a cosmic enforcer after Grayskull's death. Has this been changed? Thank you for your time.

    We only had 8 pages. Not everything could fit in!
    Light Hope

    Great job with the Horde Prime figure! One of my favorite characters and love how he looks in Classics! Also glad to see you want to fit in his staff with another MOTUC item.

    You recently compared Prime's gigantic appearance on the cartoon to the Wizard of Oz...could the Oz comparison also work for Light Hope? Maybe that character could also be designed in a humanlike form?

    I suppose anything is possible. You'll just have to wait and see!
    Where to find DC Comics Designs

    Where else can i find the DC Comics designs of the masters of the universe characters?

    In upcoming issues!

    The new digital-only MOTU comic is ranked first in sales out of all comics!

    Did you get a copy too?

    Sure did!
    now that the new motu comic is a HIT #1 OVERALL!!

    What do u think about the mini comics for the figures?
    i mean its a success!!

    Mini comics are very expensive to produce and have no relation to the success of the DC license. It is a different type of project.



    (I know this isn't your area but I can't find anywhere else to ask)

    Is the MOTU Hot Wheels SDCC 2012 item still coming? I know it isn't a mattycollector item but I can't find any info anywhere on their website; so I thought I'd ask if you knew if it was still around (so I can keep on looking or not).

    Thanks for any help.

    You will need to check with our friends on
    SDCC 2012 Reveals

    How many MOTUC figure reveals can we expect at SDCC?

    Q4 2012 and Q1 2013.
    Snake Man-At-Arms Bio-Artwork?

    I was curious as to who is the artist behind Snake Man-At-Arms bio artwork?

    I believe Terry did the art as a proof of concept for the Horsemen of how mix and match parts could work. (but this might have also come from the Horsemen themselves, honestly, I don't recall who did it, I just remember we were using it to help redesign the figures without additional tooling and it wound up being snagged by the packaging group for use on the shield art (since SMAA's appearance in mini comic # 1 wound up being too small. We had hoped to use that)

    I Have some questions for you:
    1.What are the names of the new characters who will be introduced in DC Comics'masters of the universe six-issue mini-series?
    2.When will the mini masters finally be released?,and will they be available at retail and at comic shops?

    I don't know the names of any new characters as I am not writing or editing the DC comics. The 6 issue mini series starts this summer!
    DC Digital Issues - Printed possibly later?

    If Scott or aomeone knows, will the "DC Digital First" MOTU comic-issues be made available in printed format later?

    No plans to announce right now.
    Will She-Ra be in the new DC comic?

    Because if not, I'd like to know in advance so I can cancel my pre-order.

    It's bad enough with the Great Rebellions inclusion (or should I say non-inclusion) in MOTUC, but it'd just be yet another kick in the face for us Great Rebellion fans if she wasn't in the new comic.

    Notice how I didn't say POP.

    She is available, whether she will show up is up to the writers at DC. I'm not involved.
    DC Comic digital #1 SLL- Why no MOTUC advertisement?

    I was just curious if you could shed some light as to why there was absolutely no advertising for the MOTUC toy line, nor even the SLL figure itself in the first digital issue of the supplementals? You've said numerous amounts of times that Geoff was brought in to give brand visibility to a wider audience, but how can that happen when there isn't a clear channel pointed out to said fans on WHERE or HOW to get them?

    There will be adds in the print editions.
    Veena's New Colour Scheme

    Just letting you know that I LOVE the new colour scheme on Veena. I know some fans don't like it but I'm not one of them. Hopefully at some point both colour schemes are offered to keep everyone happy.

    Glad you like it. I also feel it feels very "Classics" once I saw it colored. But I also know their is demand for the 200X colors too. Anything is possible but there is no Veena fig planned right now.
    Wind Raider in SDCC’s Most-Wanted Sale

    Is the Wind Raider in this sale a re-issue or left over customer stock?

    Some of the stock is from the original run from customer service units that were not needed.
    Filmation heads-no contradiction

    I recently read some Q & As regarding Filmation heads and their inclusion for MOTUC (Filmation Hordak). Some of the answers were that there wouldn`t be animated styled Filmation heads in MOTUC, because of the Classics style.

    But there isn`t a contradiction!

    I΄m sure, the Four Horsemen can sculpt Filmation heads which fit with the Classics style. They already proved it with the Alcala Skeletor head and Shadow Weaver. Both things were welcomed by fans.

    What do you think?

    Anything is possible I guess.
    Veena, out with the new in with the old?

    fan's seem to be loving Veena's new look about as much as they love BG Evil-Lyn and Stinkors arms, are you going to consider changing her back to her 200X look for any future toy/comic?

    We don't have a toy for her planned right now so we haven't considered anything either way. Time will tell.
    Heads and glue

    working on my first customs of MOTUC figures, I had to deal with separating heads from their helmets (and, believe me, it was painful >_ What do you think about?

    Alas their are some safety issues involved. We can't always design figures for the segment of our audience that are customizers.
    One For The Gipper

    I feel slightly embarrassed asking this seeing as though we've already received two great reveals recently in the form of DB Skeletor and Mekanek, but how about one more spectacular MOTUC reveal prior to SDCC? One more great action figure reveal to keep the coffers warm until the 'BIG SHOE' next month. I know you have an avowed soft spot oozing with empathy for your fellow collectors Scott, so hopefully you feel our pain. We needs one more taste... just a wee nibble... to keep us going until SDCC.

    You guys will see some amazing reveals at SDCC. In terms of character selection it is the most diverse I think we have ever had.
    Gladiator's name

    I REALLY like the design of the character and would love to see it being made in figure form in MOTU Classics.
    But why did he receive such a bland name? It feels way too generic and misses the usual MOTU-feeling.
    At least it could have been altered a bit.
    Gladator, Glad-E-Tor or Gladeor for example.
    And those aren't very original either...

    And "He-Man" is not generic? How about Beast-Man or Man-At-Arms?
    the four new guys?

    When will we get some news from the four new guys besides their names?

    Likely when you least expect it!
    more info on Beast Lord

    I am very curious to know more about the Beast Lord.
    Can you pls shed more info on this cool looking character (hoping to see a response other than "keep reading the bios")

    He is a member of the same tribe/species as Beastman and a member of Grayskull's Preternia Masters as revealed in issue 2 of the 2012 mini comics.
    Horde Prime Silver Vs Roboto Silver (When It Comes To Mekaneck)

    Just wanted to ask, since it's been confirmed Mekaneck's goggles will NOT be vac-metalized like the classic toy (a real shame, btw), can there be a little extra TLC in the silver paint apps department for this long-awaited figure? For example- the silver on Horde Prime & Flipshot both look amazing and it would be great to see Mekaneck's goggles (and his boots!) look bright and silvery like that and not like how Roboto came out looking (where his boots and weapons looked like a dull grey rather than shiny silver metallic-looking).

    I believe at this point Mek is final and further changes can't be made.
    Sir Laser-Lot's Gem of Tamadge/Talmadge

    Hi Toyguru, I have a question about Sir Laser-Lot's Gem of Tamadge (from his bio) or Talmadge (as in the DC First Comic).

    On his original prototype that was shown off he had a translucent triangle on his chest (the gem). In the packaged picture of Sir Laser-Lot, it's just a painted triangle. Gems are naturally translucent, like it was originally.

    Why did it change? The translucent triangle is his power source and in the new MOTU comic, starring Sir Laser-Lot, it is also translucent. The gem seemed to be most people's favourite aspect of the figure. People were even wanting MORE translucent parts to show his laser abilities (boots and gloves).

    2nd question (if I can): I really enjoyed the DC Digital First about Sir Laser-Lot, but I thought you said the DC series was going to be a different story from the MOTUC bios? This comic starred Sir Laser-Lot, mentioned The Mighty Spector and the LA Times article said these shorts would be a part of the "main" DC MOTU series. Was the story altered after you said the comics wouldn't be set in the MOTUC canon?

    The gem had to be changed from clear to painted due to tooling. A piece that is clear needs a unique tool and that is incredibly expensive. We made the proto clear as we thought we could get the chest armor in the same tool as the "hair" and weapons but it was a no go, it wouldn't fit. So we had to pick and choose which items got to go in the "clear tool" and went with the weapons and hair over the armor. It was a design call based on tooling costs.

    As for the DC comic, myself and the MOTUC design team do not actually work on it. I do review the scripts and art and note any major issues (like if they made Beastman an alien or something - that was a Ninja joke...) but otherwise I leave it to the Mattel Entertainment Group and the creative folks at DC. The choice to put Sir Laser Lot in the first Digital Comic was totally Geoff if I recall. The only direction from Mattel on this issue was to write a prequel to the main story to set it up. DC went from there with their great creative team of writers and artists who are taking their own approach and own cannon to telling MOTU stories influenced from any and all sources.
    WHY? isn't Mekaneck getting the vac-metal treatment?

    All the other figures have it, with the exception of He-Ro, So why not Mekaneck?

    A design choice.
    King Grayskull's Band of Merry Men

    You've mentioned recently that King Grayskull's "band of warriors" (i.e., Beast Lord, Gladiator, etc.) as showcased in mini-comic #2 are now part of official MOTUC canon, which I find absolutely superb news! As you said, the line is always ever meant to move forward and include new characters to help flesh out and further the brand. The question is; with so many characters from all of the various factions yet to be produced- not to mention the plethora of Filmation characters- what are the chances that we'll see an as yet unfigured 'warrior' in plastic sooner rather than later? Not calling favorites (even though I've already derided Gladiator and Beast Lord as "kinda plain"- sorry), but be ****ed to my opinion I still think a Gladiator in figure form bears some merit. How about it?

    No plans right now but anything is possible. What say you He-Fans?
    Re: Veena Colours in MOTUC

    Toyguru, Veena's colours and design (as well as 200X Sorceress') in the MYP cartoon were deliberate. They were used in a visual medium to pay homage to/link her to the ORIGINAL Sorceress in the Filmation MOTU Bible (pictures attached below). Both MYP ladies have the aqua and gold colour scheme with the Eqyptianesque design.

    A poll was started as soon as the mini-comic hit the hands of customers (not started by me) asking if people would rather have Veena in her individual colours (MYP), Classic colours (the MOTUC orange and blue) or Meh (do not care).

    As of right now, 67% of people want her in her MYP colours and 24% want her in the orange and blue.

    I just want to say how extremely disappointed I am to learn after wanting a figure for 10 years of Veena, that she will not be made in the only colour scheme fans/customers have known her with...and wanted. It's also kind of disrespectful to the MYP show and its fans/supporters.

    The colour change also does not make sense. Veena became a Sorceress AFTER King Grayskull died. The mini-comic takes place BEFORE King Grayskull gets the Power Sword, so she's still a regular woman (as Teela-Na was in Filmation before she accepted her destiny as a Sorceress). Veena became a Sorceress to protect the Power Sword after King Grayskull died to make sure it didn't fall into the wrong hands.

    Having Veena orange, blue and white in the mini-comic is like making the first Teela figure blue, white and orange BEFORE she became the Sorceress.

    Also, making ALL the Sorceresses blue and orange is pretty boring and not exactly accurate.

    Every Sorceress takes on a different animal spirit when she steps into the Pool of Power. Kuduk Ungol (the Sorceress that passed her legacy on to Teela-Na) was an eagle and Teela-Na was a Falcon. They are the only TWO Sorceresses that are orange, blue and white (although Teela-Na has been pink or completely white in her Filmation-styled outfit).

    NA mini-comic Sorceress is completely white and robotic.

    Filmation Bible Sorceress, Veena and MYP Sorceress were aqua and gold.

    The Goddess' are completely green and then there's the one who looks exactly like Teela, but wears the red snake armour.

    Enchantress (King Miro's nemesis that imprisoned him on her floating island for YEARS) is widely speculated to be a Sorceress who turned evil over time. She is brown and pink with an owl motif (fits the bird spirits that Sorceress' become upon entering the Pool of Power).

    Now Sorceress Teela, Veena and probably MYP Sorceress will be orange, blue and white which is eliminating the diversity and uniqueness of those characters. Who wants to buy FIVE characters that are all coloured the same and look nearly identical (Sorceress, Kuduk Ungol, Veena, MYP Sorceress and Sorceress Teela)? This doesn't "sell action figures." Keeping them different colours does (like The Goddess and Teela with Snake Armour).

    If the Sorceresses are all being linked by being limited to a this three colour scheme (orange, white and blue) why are all the "He-Men" of the different generations all different looking and different colours? They even get different coloured Power Swords!

    I'm not trying to be offensive with this statement, but it really feels like Mattel is starting to lose touch with what their customers actually want. I'm not sure if you remember, but at one of the 2008 or 2009 SDCC MOTUC panel there was a resounding "NO VARIANTS!" In these colours, Veena has become a mere variant of the Sorceress instead of a unique character.

    If Mattel wanted to make the orange, white and blue Veena as a travelling con exclusive (like the Temple of Darnkess Sorceress), I would fully support that idea and I think others would too. It would just be very upsetting to want a figure for over 10 years and get the wrong one.

    We do not currently have a Veena figure planned right now so these conversations simply have not taken place. Anything is possible when and if we get to her one day.
    Question about cancelled subs

    I was wondering since it says on the main site to contact cs if a subscription was cancelled, how much time can pass before customer service can't reinstate it?

    If you bought a sub back in July 2011 and are currently not in good standing, CS can get you back in.
    I am a sucker....

    I am a total sucker for this line.
    I love every single figure new and old.
    I love the anticipation of waiting for the classics and the surprise of the new additions.
    I actually think I enjoy the NEW CHARACTERS more than the vintage just because it keeps the saga fresh and growing.
    Sir Laser-lot is such a cool idea, can't wait. Love Spec-tor too!
    I appreciate all the hard work U guys put into this line.
    I'm pretty sure i've said all this before but sometimes I just get so excited about what U guys roll-out I feel the need to say it again.

    OH, also...
    Love the sorceress colors on Veena. It's a nice 'Classic-ized' tie.

    Awesome! The best is yet to come!
    No Wind Raider?

    Is there no Wind Raider reissue for the July sale?

    There are no additional items for July 16th.
    Re-issues For the Month of July??

    Hello Toy-Guru, Just wondering if you guys are going to have any Re-issue Figures! Thanks!

    The July 16th sale will not have additional items.
    Again! Why are Subs not shipping before Sales date??????

    I don't expect you to care much,but I have yet to have a monthly Subscription order ship before the sales day.According to the contract stated as a "perk" for subscribers,Subs would start shipping 2 days before sales date and I have yet to have my June MOTU Subs shipped yet.I purchased two Subs the minute they went up for sale in 2011,so then I get to go to the back of the "order" line and have my subs shipped last? or whenever DR feels like it?

    I have two Subs,and have loyally purchased 2 Subs since the beginning.(never a problem with funds) Then spending thousands,buying blindly and supporting the line of having to watch others who ordered Subs weeks and months after I ordered, get theirs shipped quickly/promptly..

    While,this may not mean much to some,I know there are others that experience this each month.How does DR decide who gets their shipments shipped first? especially when the Sub contract states that Subscribers get the perk of having their items shipped before sales day.This means EVERY subscriber should get shipping notices before sales date as its stated.( you have broken stated contract,and legally I could break ties with the purchased contract)
    I'll be honest,becoming a "cherry picker" is becoming more inviting,since Mattel doesn't want to hold their end of the sub contract.The line is great,but the customer service is terrible.

    We are working on this to ensure sub orders go out first! There have been some slip ups but we are trying to correct this going forward. Sub holders should be shipped first. (ideally).
    Castle bright moon and crystal castle

    Hi there I would like to k iw if Mattel is thinking of releasing a castle bright moon and a crystal castle as they were shown in the cartoon it would be great I will await anxiously for your response

    If we did a play set Castle Grayskull would most likely be first but no plans for plateaus right now.
    Internal design teams for MOTU 30th

    During previous posts it was stated that approached artists opted out of doing 30th Ann. designs. Did the Matty team ever consider reaching out to the Mattel family like the Barbie and Hot Wheels teams for 30th Ann. designs?

    Rambling commentary on own question--> A version of Barbie in her 1960s space suit MOTU-tized would be cool (and could easily share Queen Marlene's gear) or a heroic counterpart to Dragstor in Hot Wheels Race Team deco could get the Hot Wheels fans into Mattycollector. The Rock'em Sock'em Robots would be a nice fit as well. It could be like Mattel block party for the 30th.

    After we could not find enough professionals willing to design a figure for "free" the slots were offered to members of the MOTUC team (Terry and myself).
    Mekaneck MOTUC...

    Will Mekaneck Have vac-metal on his visor??

    No he will not.
    Subscription Shipping Delays - Please explain

    Hello TG,

    Which figure is holding up the subscription shipments this month?
    I have both Club Eternia & Club Voltron.

    *EDIT* - I received my shipping confirmation on the early morning of 19 June 2012.


    My subscriptions (starting with the half one in 2009) have NEVER shipped out prior to sale date. Whatever happened to that "perk" ?

    How does the shipping of the subscriptions actually work? Alphabetical? Location? It can't be "first-come, first-served". I purchased my subs literally within the first 2-3 minutes that they opened up on Matty during SDCC 2011.


    We are working on correcting this to do our best to get sub orders out first.

    Who's that Gladiator guy? I think, he has some potential...

    I hope, he's not related to Vykron...

    As shown in issue 2, he is a member of King Grayskull's band of warriors. It is explained in Grayskull's caption in the mini comic.
    Veena Figure in MOTUC Question

    Toyguru, if/when we get an action figure of Veena in MOTUC, can you PLEASE make sure she's coloured correctly? Veena is in the second mini-comic, but she is coloured like the Filmation Sorceress for some reason instead of the only colour scheme she ever had in MYP. There are already 2 orange and blue Sorceresses (Sorceress and Kudak Ungol). It would be a real shame to lose the unique colouring. I know I might be jumping the gun on this, but it's always good to double check.

    Veena is not incorrect. Comics are a visual medium and we used the classic Sorcesss colors to connect her visually to the Sorceress and Teela who also wears an outfit influenced by the classic Sorceress in issue 1. Everything is deliberate.
    Does Weapons Pak 3 Include....

    I don’t think revealing this will be an issue for you. So, can you let us know if the upcoming Weapons Pak 3 includes any GITD (Glow In The Dark) Stuff ?

    You will need to wait for SDCC preview night for all the details!
    Why Queen Veena's Deco Is Based On 200X Classic Colour Sorceress Staction?

    As you know, Queen Veena's (original) outfit colours are COMPLETELY different from what she has in the POG Mini Comic 2. Now, IF & WHEN you get to her figure form, Will she retain her original colours OR she'll come the same deco like POG comic 2 ?

    I seriously hope her figure sticks with her original colours ! It will be terribly disappointing to see if she comes with a wrong deco. And it will create a huge roar among the 200X fans as well !

    Comic books are a visual medium. The colors for Venna were purposly used to visually connect her to the Sorceress and Teela (who wears an outfit influenced by her mother's in issue 1).
    POG Issue 2 clarification SPOILERS Toyguru please read

    People are already receiving their subscription figures so I'm assuming it's ok to post art that I bought from Wellington now. As a result of this there is an issue with things shown in the early second issue and the final:

    1. Gladiator wasn't shown in the original storyboard- is this because he was Vykron before you guys finalized him or is it infact Terry Higuchi's figure?

    2. Beast Lord was said by Wellington to originally be titled "Red Beast" from notes he was given by Mattel- in the story board you can even see where he erased out red and Beast Lord before writing BEAST MAN. Can we get some clarification on this?

    I know you may say keep reading the bios, but this applies to media that is released and since we were told that no new characters beyond the 30th would be released this really causes confusion. I'd appreciate whatever you can do Scott.

    Gladiator, Bandwidth, Red Shadow and Beast Lord were new characters introduced as part of Grayskull's group of Preternia warriors along with Spector and Sir Laser Lot. Terry's character appears in issue 3.

    I've noted a few times that management wanted to use the 30th program to move the brand forward and introduce new worlds and characters. The mini comics are part of this.
    Did You Ever Think?

    I was wondering if, back in 2008 before the first MOTUC figure was released, you ever thought that the line would become what it has today? I'm sure you hoped but did you really think that in June 2012 figures like the Griffin and Horde Prime would be coming out after years of continuous success? Any thoughts would be cool, thanks!!!

    It's funny, I just went back through some old files in my desk this week and forgot that we had discussed Horde Prime as the very first figure in the line. Getting to year 4 was always a pipe dream. The line has performed well above and beyond my hopes. And so glad it has!

    So is the Spectormobile Spector's official mode of transportation? Is this his Battle cat?
    Personally I would prefer a bike (an Eternian type bike, not a Ducati), I think a mobile would be too big, for this line.

    If there were Eternian bikes, I imagine they'd look like ROBOTO's Laser bolt. (Pic below)

    Yes, a flying hovercraft that you can plug Spector's cosmic key wrist piece into the dash on is his mode of transportation, but Spector really is too much of a 4th tier character to justify the tooling for a vehicle. If we do more vehicles I highly doubt it would be for a 30th anniversary figure.

    Buy hey, anything is possible. But no plans right now.
    Accessory Clues

    I guess this is more of a request than an actual question...

    Could you sneak into the display case some accessories that will be coming with figures available after 2013's first quarter?

    It's always fun to guess what they may be or who they belong to!

    There will be sneaks and reveals all through SDCC. Be sure to keep stopping by the booth!
    Secret Accessories

    Can we expect any more secret accessories in 2012?

    Last year was a lot of fun with Megator and Man-E-Faces.

    As long as fans and customers enjoy this we'd love to keep doing it when possible!
    Thanks for SMAA + Griffin previews!

    Thanks a ton for the quick sneak peaks of June's figures.
    I'm definitely looking forward to SMAA and Griffin. Both look awesome!
    Also looking forward to the 200x MAA arm canon..definitely makes SMAA look much more cooler.

    You are welcomed! I was so bummed whe I heard our PR samples would be delayed, glad my vid helped.

    Any chance of switching or lessening beast slots for heavier tooled figures like Two-Bad, Ram-Man, Modulok, Multi-Bot, Rotar, Twistoid, Stonedar, and Rokkon? Seems to be many uniqued tooled figures remaining in the vintage line. Keep the prices around the same or the same as the beasts.

    We have MOTUC thought out for quite a few years with the idea of hitting one or two fully tool'd figs a year balanced out by all the partial tool figs.
    The Spectormobile?

    "When going on covert spy missions Spector time travels using the vortex suit for quick get-aways in time, etc... If a particular mission involved transporting someone else through time, he uses a time travel vehicle like the Spectormobile or other means. The Time Agents (like the CIA or MI6) have different resources for missions to protect the time stream from bad guys who would mess with it."

    Are you kidding me??? The Spectormobile?
    This is Eternia, not Gotham City.
    These bios are really killing the line for me. Some are good I'll give 'em that but some are just out right ridiculous!
    C'mon guys, if you really are fans, treat this line with better respect and come up with some decent bios and "Real Names" if they HAVE to have real names.

    No plans to make a "Spector mobile" toy right now. We really are going to concentrate on the main heroes and villains when it comes to potential vehicles. Spector really is too minor of a character to invest in the tooling for a vehicle for him right now.
    Is it worth buying a subscription?

    It's been 4 years and the NA and POP representation isn't great. Why would we think the future years would be any different? If at SDCC, you prove us wrong, then great, I'll buy a sub, if not, then I won't.

    We will continue to offer figures from many factions every year. We have done 5 POP females in 2012 already!

    The sub is designed for those customers that want every fig regardless of faction. If this is not the way you collect, the day-of option may be better for you.
    DC Universe Versus Masters Of The Universe

    Will there be a DC Universe versus masters of the universe mini-series based on the short-lived action figure two-pack line anytime soon?

    No plans right now.
    Thank You TG

    I just wanted to say a Heartfelt thankyou for how often lately you have said in 'Ask Matty' and elsewhere that ALL Vintage figs are on the Roadmap of MOTUC.

    Its fantastic to have that in writing so that even if the line fades before we get all of them, Right now we know you are dedicated to bringing us MOTU,POP and NA.

    And its amazing to have something for those of us who want All of the Vintage Figures from the three Collections in our MOTUC displays, to put our backs against when we are told time and again -by less inclusive 'Collectors'- that POP and NA have no place in MOTUC.

    I'm excited about MOTUC's future again. Thank you.

    It is a labor of love! You are most welcome. Bring on even more MOTUC!

    Did the winner make it into the mini-comics by any chance?

    No. The mini comics were drawn and printed over a year ago well before a winner was chosen (and before even the other 30th figs final designs were locked in which is why even SLL in issue 2 is slightly off model).
    Geoff's participation?

    Out of curiosity, how much did Geoff Johns get a say in Sir Laser-lot's bio? I know they were all written around Stratos, but that can't include the new 30th guys? or were they planned out that far back?

    Did he pitch the idea of pre-eternia knight... Or did you decide that would be a fun way to tie in both the past and the future?

    Mattel took the first pass at the bio based on some input from Geoff and we passed it to him for approval (much as we did with Nathan for Photog). Geoff only had one change to our text which was a specific name for his gem. Otherwise he was very much on board and a great partner to work with!
    Inclusion of Bravestarr

    Forgive me if this has been answered on the forums before, but the search feature did not show it. Many fans have asked for Bravestarr classics figures, either as a separate line, or included (as silly as it sounds) in MOTUC. But I do remember reading, either here or in one of the Q&A's that Mattel does not have the rights to Bravestarr any longer. Can you clarify this?

    Yes, that is correct. Mattel does not have the rights to Bravestarr.
    Mailer Box Reveals??

    I received my June figures today and can confirm that Castaspella, Clamp Champ, and Sweet Bee are all amentioned on the backs of the mailer boxes for both Horde Prime and Snake MAA. I was thinking about this and have come to a possible conclusion that this must be yet another perk of being a club member= getting to know in advance what the upcoming months figures will be (or Bee in this case, pardon the pun). So, the question is am I right or is there some other mysterious as yet to be revealed (possibly nefarious/devious) purpose behind printing these names on the boxes? Is it simply to torture us by inciting endless debate and hand-wringing? Perhaps (as mentioned above) it's a perk (like the advance emails) to lure in new club members in 2013? Or maybe it's a huge mistake and someone on the vendor side is going to lose his/her job! *GASP* Inquiring minds would like to know!

    I'm sure as has been your refrain of late that we'll have to wait for SDCC to be sure, but I'm hoping you can drop any and all hints prior to the show. Thanks Scott!

    These names have nothing to do with upcoming reveals. They are only there for legal and logistical reasons to put the name on package.
    Sir Laser-Lot Variant

    Curious to know why Sir Laser-Lot is different on his card back? As you know he sports the traditional furry shorts and boots. Was this going to be a final figure at one point? He looks cool either way!

    No variant. This was just an error on the photo department when shooting the cross sell. Sometimes it happens. All of the production has the correct boots and shorts.
    Sir Laser-Lot bio

    How exactly is Sir Laser-Lot able to be brought forward to King He-Man's time? I thought a special suit was needed to travel though the time vortex.

    When going on covert spy missions Spector time travels using the vortex suit for quick get-aways in time, etc... If a particular mission involved transporting someone else through time, he uses a time travel vehicle like the Spectormobile or other means. The Time Agents (like the CIA or MI6) have different resources for missions to protect the time stream from bad guys who would mess with it.

    Sir Laser Lot was a very rare candidate to be moved through time as he was plucked from the past right before his "mysterious heroic death" with everyone assuming he died heroically.
    2013 Sub Exclusive confirmation PART 2 CLARIFICATION

    I only asked Scott for CLARIFICATION because it would nip any future speculation in the bud- sorry if I was at all unclear with that.

    I made this very clear on Roast Gooble dinner a while back. The 2013 sub figure is not a main character like Shadow Weaver. This was done in 2012 because it was the only way to get a Filmation character in time to show at SDCC 2011. Originally Horde Prime was the sub figure for 2012 because he represented a Filmation character we "could do" as he was never seen. That is also why he was briefly renamed "Horde Supreme" in some bios. Once we had full Filmation rights, doing HP was "less special" so we moved him to a monthly slot and made Shadow Weaver the sub figure (in order to have a visual at SDCC to represent Filmation rights).

    As for Ram Man, no plans to announce right now.
    Further Use for The Mighty Spector--

    Feel free to use these or similar ideas at your whim.

    At the risk of fan backlash that any efforts in this direction might seem solipsistic, what about the idea of a quarterly variant of The Mighty Spector where he's decked out with (and these are just spitball ideas); costume tribal tattoos perhaps achieved through some pre-historic right of passage that he's gone through in order to avoid death in Preternia, alternate gear and costume upgrades that he's pilfered (in the name of good of course) from the future and/or the past, alternate helmet accoutrement (i.e., sights, scopes, eye and head protection), etc. Scott, as I'm sure you know the possibilities are endless with a time traveler! And alternately (thankfully) TMS represents the first figure in awhile where it truly makes sense and would be a welcome addition to create alternate gear and costuming for him other than in an obligatory way. I get giddy at the very idea! This guy could even have his own separate 'library' of heads, hands, weapons, gear, etc. specifically just for him! Oh, you are a smart man to have created this guy. Now use him Matty! The fans demand it!

    Every figure in 2013 will be a variant of Mighty Spector. I can't wait for Smash Blade Spector myself.

    In all seriousness, it is flattering to see fans loving this character enough to ask for variants. None planned right now, but if enough fans want to see this- you never know! Take that haters!
    Please don't kill Adora

    So with Dare being mentioned in a new bio.

    We know he was raised by Adam and not Adora, which begs the question why?

    It could be some rational explanation, but please don't make it out to be that Adora is dead :-(

    The bios were written all at about the time of Strato's release based on an outline of events that was based on the best elements of all MOTU cannons including the season 3 notes. You'll just need to wait and see on the fate of all characters!
    Do you think MOTU fans get it yet ???

    You get a lot of good and bad from fans,but as you said "it's ok".

    Do you feel that fans really don't get the fact that you are making every MOTU fig from all of the past toy lines + maybe some from the 20xx/80's cartoon in classic form,as long as we support the MOTUC toys ???

    I Smiler every time someone asks "are you making fig a,c,z ?? " !!!

    Do you ever feel like saying "yes,we are making a-c-z,just not in the same month/year" ???

    I like knowing you'll get to everyone,without knowing the full order all of the MOTUC will be release in at once. That would be so boring for me/us i'm sure!!!
    Keep up the great work

    While all the vintage figs are on my "roadmap" their is no guarantee the line will go long enough to cover them all. Right now the line is only locked in through 2013. We will review 2014 with management after we see how the 2013 sub sales go.
    Eternian Time Wars

    What are The Eternian Time Wars?

    Ready for this one:

    Keep reading the bios!
    The Mighty Spector, Temporal Enforcer

    Since the Cosmic Enforcers are a large organization, similar to the Green Lantern Corps - it seems that they're broken up into various sub-groups, like the Mystic Enforcers. Is the Mighty Spector a specialized Cosmic Enforcer - a Temporal Enforcer?

    Yes, he is a time cop/spy who works for King He-Man as revealed in his bio.
    Sir Laser-Lot's Real Name

    Why is Sir Laser-Lot's Real Name listed as "unrevealed"? Is he supposed to be some other character in disguise that we don't know about yet who will be revealed at a later date? Or, is it "unrevealed" for another reason?

    BTW, I think this character, the final figure, and bio are awesome.

    Geoff specifically asked for his name to be listed as "unrevealed". All part of the allure of the character to be sure!
    Stridor/Night Stalker

    Stridor and Night Stalker are probably the most-wanted beast(s) out there. Can you at least confirm that Stridor is in the "roadmap" for beasts?

    I can't confirm anything. Time will tell. The only thing confirmed on the roadmap are all vintage figures.
    Time Travel Fractures...Oh the Possibilities!

    Thinking totally off the top here Scott, so just follow me on this journey. With the introduction of a time traveler like Mighty Spector, what are the chances that MOTUC could potentially have a sub line of new/old characters which would be variations of existing guys, but with new costumes/colors/accessories using existing tooling? Why would you do this you might ask? For instance; Mighty Spector goes back in time and accidentally effects/impacts a major Eternian/universal event which fractures the timeline(s) creating an alternate history with alternate versions of various characters- (i.e., 'Dark He-Man', 'Hero Skeletor', 'Horribly scarred Dark MAA', etc). Television shows and movies have been using the time travel conceit for many years as a way to put a fresh coat of paint on time honored tradition, so why not leverage that concept here?

    The 30th Anniversary line was in many ways a watershed event as it- for the first time in several score- began to introduce 'newness' into MOTU, and the concept that I've described above could be the next step in that process. Also, this wouldn't need to be a whole years worth of product, but could instead be a figure quarterly, bi-quarterly, etc. Just a little something to remind fans that this line was only ever intended to grow and take on new life with each iteration. C'mon Scott... ya with me?

    Anything is possible. I have noted several times that one of the directions from management for the 30th line was to use the new characters to move the brand forward and open up new possiblities for future story lines and figures!
    Clawdeen in MOTUC

    A fan on our page, Shadow Weaver's Realm, came up with this awesome mock up! (below my banner) The head could be used for a Battle Lion in the future. Just a suggestion. Hope you like it!

    PS - Clawdeen is a sorceress who lived in a volcano, she lost in a magical battle with Catra and she transformed her into her steed so she could humilate her. I think this story came from Germany...I remember reading it online a while ago. I think it came from the german POP stories. I really like makes clawdeen that bit more intresting and Catra that much cruler.

    Clawdeen would be a great beast fig, but no plans to announce right now. Stay tuned!
    Storm and Catra 2 pack?

    A good way to get a Catra variant out and Storm would be a 2 pack! Below is a mock-up a friend did. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

    That would be a cool idea, but nothing like this to announce right now.
    Future of Beasts

    In recent statements about a change in SKUs for 2013, many customers are fearful that beasts may be eliminated - or for that matter, multipacks. Can you confirm that beasts and multipacks will not be eliminated in 2013?

    There will still be "non standard figure" slots that could work for beasts/multipacks. How many and how often in 2013 we will have these slots in the sub will be revealed at our fan panel at noon on Friday July 13 in room 24 ABC
    Sir Laser-Lot Triangle

    Were there changes made to the triangle on his chest? I'm having a hard time making out if it's a translucent material like shown at NYTF.

    The final figure does not have a transuclent triangle. It is painted.
    Military Vykron Boots for NA Skeletor

    Hi Matty, I just watched my old dvd of the New Adventures of He-Man and seen that Skeletor had upgraded himself with new armor. It would be cool in the military Vykron Boots could be used with a New adventures Classics Skeletor figure. I believe those boots could be used with some of the other evil mutants that joins with Flogg and Skeletor.

    Anything is possible but we don't have plans for a NA Skeletor right now. We'll have to cross that bridge when and if we get to him.
    Dragon Blaster Man

    I'm sure you've tried this.....

    How does the Dragon Blaster head look on the Draego-man body?

    Size match?
    Color match?


    Dragon Blaster Skeletor looks perfect.
    Can't wait.

    I haven't tried this but once we get a close to final sample I'll do that in a video if fans would like!
    Sir Laser Lot Carded

    There's an image of a carded Sir Laser Lot posted over at The Org. There was once talk of making some color changes on his shorts which are the same as the sample from NYTF. Is the all blue shorts final? Personally, I like the blue and metallic blue together on the shorts.

    The figure I mailed Geoff is final. He went into production a few weeks back. We'll have one to post on our facebook page later this week I hope. (it is still with photo)
    Swappable Female Designs

    The tooling used for Queen Marlena/Capt. Glenn worked so good for switching looks, I wonder if Mattel will use this option for future female figures? There are many!

    This tooling is a must for Toy Catra/Style Guide V2 Catra[fan demanded]*

    Scratchin' Sound/Shower Power Catra (Could match the leggings on this for one figure)
    Toy Entrapta/Style Guide Entrapta
    Toy Netossa/Style Guide Netossa
    Sharella/Goddess 2.0
    Mini-comic Delora/Golden Books Delora
    Princess Rana/Cher
    among others....

    *This is a [much requested demand] for Toy Catra/Style Guide V2 Catra

    We certainly could reuse this design if a figure called for it. Nothing to announce right now however.
    ToyGuru! Hear my plea!

    I have been with MOTUC since KG's first release. I currently own all the MOTUC line so I guess you could say I am more then devoted. You have said in the past that a Castle Grayskull would cost too much and only in a "Movie year". I have came up with a solution to that problem and please tell me what you think. As stated before a CG would be in the 300 dollar price range.

    That being said. Beasts/Multi Packs = 30+30+60+40= 160 dollars
    Variants = 20x4 = 80
    Total cost 160+80 240 dollars. That is only 60 less then the price of a 300 dollar CG. So Instead of beasts multi packs and variants why not just charge us an extra 30 dollars a month to our MOTUC subs and in December ship out the most powerful playset in the universe? I am sure all the MOTUC fans would jump on this and you could also do pre orders like you did for the hover board as well for those people who like to cherry pick their collection. As a fan I am sure you want this as bad as everyone else! I really hope this is option is one you would look into. I hope to read your response soon.
    (Please only answers from ToyGuru I want to hear this from the big guy)
    Thanks in advance!

    It is not the way customers are charged that is holding back development of a place set. It is the overall number of customers. The sub and day of sales tell us how many customers we have for MOTUC. Currently we're not at the number we need to be to develop something this complex.

    We'll look at how Windraider sales go in July and how 2013 sub sales go during and after SDCC for three weeks to gage how the line is doing and start locking in plans for 2014 with this data. We'd love to get to a Castle Grayskull one day but no plans to announce now.
    Hordak filmation head

    It was stated that "IF" a filmation based Hordak figure was to be released that the figure would not get a filmation accurate head and would be a simple re-paint of the hordak head we already have. Is there any wiggle room on this? I know variants are made to get new versions of previously released figures to the fans at a low cost for mattel via repaints/limited tooling. Is there any way to let the horseman decide on this and maybe sculpt a fimation head with some Earl Norem influence?

    I think that goes with any filmation variants? mer-man, clawful etc.

    Anything is possible. But no plans to announce right now.
    Have the June review samples been sent out?

    It is June 9th already and there are no reviews/previews up for SMAA and Griffin except for Toyguru's sneak previews. Have the review samples been sent out already?

    Sadly we never got samples of Griffin or Snake Man at Arms. It happens from time to time. We request samples from our vendor directly to get them here early for review. Any number of events can delay that and we found out our samples for these two aren't coming for a month or two. It happens sometimes.

    I'll see if I can do another quick video review this week of those two with whatever loose samples I can find or borrow from Engineering.
    Variants and new head sculpts

    My question is in regards to variants having new head sculpts when it can work for both the figure and the story line. I've read that if a new variant of Hordak is ever made, particuliarly Filmation or Earl Norem art Hordak, he would only have a had repaint. A newly sculpted Hordak head would look even better and do the character justice just like Snake Man-at-Arms received a newly tooled and amazing head sculpt and not just a repainted snake face on Duncan. BG Evil Lyn and Teela both received new head sculpts as well to enhance their variants. The "animated" look you previously mentioned Filmation Hordak has can most assuredly be made into a "Classics" version by the highly skilled Four Horsemen, as they have done so well with She-Ra, Catra, Chief Carnivus, Keldor, etc. (all from animated looks).

    My question, finally Lol, If another Hordak variant were to be made, will it be possible to incorporate a more cybernetic (angular) head sculpt inspired by both Filmation and Earl Norem designs?
    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    There is no reason things like this are off the table. Especially as you saw how we did the mini comic head for Skeletor. You are going to see a lot of little accessories over the next few years that will pay off if you have a previous figure (like the TOD Sorceress for example).

    We know there is demand for this type of head. It isn't unreasonable to think we could find a way to get to this in some way. But, when translating a figure into Classics, we do like to keep design choices to the Horsemen and the Mattel design team under Ruben.
    Weapons Pak #3 - Will We See Images Before SDCC?

    Just curious as to when we might see images of the weapons pak currently scheduled for August.

    The Weapons Pak will be revealed at Preview Night.
    Eternian Peasants

    I'd be interested in a 3 pack of Eternian Peasants. Maybe they could be Dragstor, Snout Spout, and Extendar before they were experimented on? Or, just give them entirely new names but load them up with some cool and dangerous farming implements. Use existing bucks and just create new head and garment sculpts. What do you think?

    I could see this happening waaaaaaayyyyyyy down the line. But not off the table. No plans now for sure.
    DB's head - budget reasons?

    The 4HM said that they were "working on a figure with a unique accessory that needed re-working". It was also mentioned that Mattel had to delay the reveal of the 3rd quarterly figure (Dragon Blaster Skeletor) because of some detail that had to be "improved".
    So, there had to be... adjustments.
    Looking at the vintage figure the biggest difference is the closed mouth of the dragon. This totally contradicts the aspect of making the figures like their vintage counterparts. So I'm pretty sure that this re-working affected the head-sculpt.

    So, my question is:
    Did Mattel tell the 4HM to change the dragon's headsculpt from open mouth (2 tools: upper and lower jaw) to the head we're getting (one tool) to save expenses (tooling budget)?

    Nope. The delay was due to Dragon Blaster Skeletor beinge reworked because both the Horsemen and Mattel design forgot to ask for/sculpt the green lock piece! Eric said he must have lost the lock early on, and I never owned this figure so it took awhile before we both did a double check with Ruben.

    Once we noticed this was missing, we went back to the tooling stage (from where we were) and the Horsemen sculpted up and added the lock to ensure we made this figure the best it could be!

    Another funny story is we weren't clear where to place it since so many loose images show the lock dangling from the front and in the original toy it is packed off the figure. But once we checked the vintage card art and the vintage Horde cross sell painting, it was clear the lock went on the dragon's neck.

    And there is the full scoop. The position of the mouth was always left to the Horsemen and design to interpret into the Classics style. I honestly don't really ever discussing it. All we talked about was the lock and the placement of the lock from what I remember (as far as any issues that held him up).

    Love the videos but...

    Is there any chance that a HD camera could be used to take them. The 1080p is as fuzzy as the 360p aside from the extra crisp overlays. Thank you however for the great videos otherwise. I hope DCIE will be getting as much attention as CE in a few years!

    I've heard this a lot and the bottom line is if we put more money and resources into videos we need to take that away from the toys. Personally I'd rather put as many accessories and deco hits in the toys as possible. If fans would prefer we cost reduce the toys for higher quality preview videos, please let us know! ;-)
    Reptilian palace guard official explanation

    I can't find an official answer to this. What was the intent behind the reptilian head with the palace guards is it meant to be a guard turned snake man? A friendly repto? Or a snake man who changed sides?

    After Man At Arms was changed to a Snake Men, on one of his schemes with King Hsss they transformed a group of Man At Arm's former guard allies into Snake Men to booster Snake Man At Arm's personal attack battallion.
    Dragon's head sculpt - part 2

    Sorry if I didn't make myself clear. We don't want changes to the sculpt of the dragon's head (which DOES look good), but a second alternate head with an open mouth. The vintage one HAD an open mouth. So the figure DESERVES an open mouth option aswell, don't you think? How are the chances of that happening?

    I suppose anything is possible, but nothing like this is planned right now.
    Give Us Some Heads..

    In the ToyFair '12 walk-thru with 'Mr. Pixel' you mention in passing that it would be awesome to do a "heads pack" and I heartily agree. However, you said that there simply wasn't enough time available for the Horsemen to do it, and that costs might make it prohibitive; however, we're slowly accumulating a backlog of figures that could use alt heads.

    The main example I'm thinking of is The Mighty Spector. I'm sorry, but a guard helmet on a Scott Neitlich head (from the guards two-pack) does not a good alt head make. We need a Neitlich un-helmeted head to pop on for those times when TMS isn't going incognito, or needs to have a discussion with the King and Queen that isn't muffled by his mask. Heck, you could even throw in a small sculpted accessory of his mask removed sculpted into an alternate hand-(like was stuck in the DCUC Batman Beyond figures hand). Oh, the possibilities are truly endless and this is just Mighty Spector! So the question is, what level of grass roots support do we need to get started in order to get a decent lobby going for alt heads?

    Doing an all heads pack takes as much resources as a fully tool'd figure. So the question is, would fans want a fully tool'd figure like Ram Man, or a Scott Neitlich unhelmeted head for Ram Man. I think Ram Man wins, but that is just me.
    Articulating Slush-Head's head...

    Why were we told that Slushy's head articulation had to be sacrificed for the water feature when it clearly didn't have to be... see this thread

    Allowing Slush Head's dome to turn: BREAK IT!

    While these are great suggestions, we di try numerious way to make the head articulated and hold water but none of them worked well. So we had to loose the articulation in favor of the water.
    Slush Heads Dome can be articulated and be watertight

    Scott you totally ignored the evidence I posted and gave me the same line you gave us pre-Slush release.

    ie: While these are great suggestions, we di try numerious way to make the head articulated and hold water but none of them worked well. So we had to loose the articulation in favor of the water.

    I wasn't making suggestions I was showing you that it was already totally possible.
    The customer who articulated the headpiece/dome still has a watertight dome. How could you guys not have realised this?

    While your posts are creative, they do not take into account Mattel safety and design requirements.

    We tried many solutions and could not find one that worked.
    Are POP/Great Rebellion Fans Annoying?

    I think that fan participation in any entertainment franchise is important. Star Trek fans saved that franchise. Would you say that Great Rebellion fans have helped or hurt how that aspect of the MOTUC franchise is represented? Would the released and scheduled GR products have come the way they've been scheduled anyway?

    POP fans are great and we have already done/announced four unique female POP Great Rebellion figure for 2012 alone with more to come as the years roll on.
    mobius chair for motu classics

    Could Zodac be used or fit properly in this chair?

    While Zodac can sit in this DC chair, it is not scaled for him proper. But collectors are welcome to use it for his chair until one day when and if we can get to his own chair (nothing to announce but it would be cool!)
    Dragon's head sculpt

    Although I did not receive the email again, that was quite an awesome reveal yesterday!Smiler

    One thing that bugs me (and many others) though: the dragon's head sculpt. It's by no means bad, don't get me wrong.
    I quite like it! But why depart that much from the vintage look? Why the closed mouth?! Noone wanted him to be able to spray water, but the open mouth is just as important for this figure as it was for Kobra Khan...

    May we please see an additional head with an open mouth? PLEASE!

    BTW - what do you think about calling him "Gnashor" ?

    The Dragon was sculpted by the Four Horsemen and it was their design choice. He does not have a second head. The figure is already tool'd and there will not be any changes to the sculpt at this point.
    Can the dragon sit independently of DB Skelly?

    It would be really cool if the dragon could sit/stand or otherwise work as a creature all on its own without being on Skeletor's back. Please tell me it can!

    No, it is not designed to stand or sit on his own, it attaches via a peg to Skeletor's back.
    Toyguru,who are your favorite Filmation Characters?

    Hey Scott,who are your top 5 Filmation characters from the Cartoon?

    Shadow Weaver is my favorite. Followed by most of the main characters like Scorpia, Hover Robots, and the such. I also think Plundar, Nephthu and Evil Seed are awesome since they had their own episodes!

    But just becasue I personally like them does not mean they are coming next in the line.
    TOD Sorceress

    Will there be plenty made for collectors to purchase on Mattycollector later in the year, or are only the two or so cons being considered for production amount?

    If we have stock left over after all of the regional shows she will be sold on during the winter.
    TG preview videos and Horde Prime staff

    In your most recent preview video, DC Black Mask etc, you have a Horde Prime sitting on your desk. Horde Prime has his staff. Is this the prototype or has the staff actually been tooled and a mold cast, then cut?

    This was the prototype staff that I borrowed as background eye candy.
    MOTUC Memories

    This isn't a question so much as a compliment. I am a collector whose been 'in the game' since I was roughly 9 yrs old (I'm 40 now) and over the years I've seen many toy lines come and go. Some with exciting play value yet lacking in quality. Others with a great movie or comic book tie in but that quickly fade from memory because of botched opportunities. And still others representative of beautiful works of art but lacking in usable functionality. And of all these multitudinous lines throughout the eons I only look back on a scant few warmly and fondly, and one of these is definitely MOTUC. Notice I didn't say MOTU as those toys hold a place of nostalgia in my heart but aren't perfect by any means. However, the MOTUC figures as designed by the Horsemen and executed by Mattel are truly exquisite. They stand the test of time in quality, look, and overall aesthetic appeal, and are just so much fun to play with and collect!

    In the 1989 Batman movie there is a line uttered by the Joker (and oft quoted by fans) that goes; "Where does he get those wonderful toys?". My answer to this... Mattel of course! Thanks Scott and crew for MOTUC. These functional pieces of pop culture greatness are a pleasure to collect and admire. Thank you!!

    It is a labor of love! You are most welcome.
    Question to Toyguru about Filmation Hordak

    After reading your commentary about Zodak, and listening to you speaking about a possible Filmation Hordak variant on one of these last Roast Gooble podcasts, I'd like to ask you:

    If and when you guys reach Filmation Hordak will he have a Filmation accurate head? His cartoon head is quite different from the toy head, and it only seems logic that at the very least he should also bring an extra Filmation head.

    He's not just a repaint, but rather a different character almost like Zodak is for Zodac. Well maybe he's still the same Hordak but with a more technological vibe to it, which could even work well in a possible bio.

    When we translate a character into "Classics" from other lines such as Filmation or 200X we will be using Classics parts as part of the current style. So likley if we did a "blue skinned Filmation Hordak" he would use the exisiting head. (for Classics). This doesn't mean we couldn't one day do a full on animated line with a Filmation sculpted head, but this would not work for the style of the current Classics line.
    Mystic Pizza...

    Hi, Scooter! I loved your Zodak write-up, and it got me wondering: will we learn more about the Mystic Enforcers? Are they affiliated with Trolla as the Cosmic Enforcers and Cosmic Warriors? I'd like to know more about all that biz

    We're not going to spill the beans here. Keeping reading the bios!
    Mattel "Vault"

    During you research of MOTU in the Mattel "vault", did you find any surviving elements of the 80s mall tour?

    If so, any fun facts you can share?

    Nope. Mostly what i was looking for was pre-launch stuff form 1980-1892. Didn't see anything on the Mall Tour, but honestly I wasn't looking for this.
    Post SDCC Sale

    Hi...I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question or not but I, because all of the Ask Matty forums are now product specific (one of the products I'm really interested in doesn't have a forum) and I don't want be accused of cluttering the forum.

    However, I was just wondering when we were going to be told what specifically would be available for sale on Matty Collector post-SDCC 2012, because I'm from Australia & as much as I would love to attend SDCC to pick up my collectables in person, I can't so I'll have to do all of my ordering online...which means I'll have to start ordering through a 3rd party pretty soon (although I'd prefer to buy directly from Mattel so I don't have to pay 3 times what you guys charge plus postage to a scalper Mad).

    I understand you can probably only speak for the brands you represent, but any info would be really appreciated...

    Most SDCC items will be available after the show in very limited quanities. More details will be posted soon.
    Stinkor: feet vs arms

    when fan's asked for him to have Hordaks feet *it won all the polls* you told us no that the 4H wanted him to have the "duck feet" but then you guys gave him backwards arms. so i was wondering why did you not give him the feet fans wanted if you where going to go against what the 4H wanted anyway?

    It is up to the Horsemen and Mattel design to make the final choices on these things. While we do look at online posts, they are not the final decision maker on everything!
    Can I nominate someone for early samples?

    There is a member of Fwoosh and several other action figure forums named Matt K who I feel would greatly benefit the line by getting early samples of figures like many other prominent action figures sites do.

    The photos he takes of MOTUC figures tend to be major selling points for collectors who might be on the fence about ordering a figure. He creates his own dioramas and set pieces and really puts an incredible amount of effort into his work.

    If you haven't seen any of his stuff he has a feature on Fwoosh pretty often showcasing different figures and backgrounds.

    And a whole article on how he builds the backdrops

    I don't know Matt K and would benefit from this in no way. I'm just suggesting this as a way to showcase these awesome figures in the best way possible by rewarding a fan who obviously loves the line and does an excellent job of making all the great figures look even better.

    Litterally hundreds of fan sites ask for samples and we have a very limited amount each month. Great suggestion!
    Dragon Head

    Is the Dragon head on DB Skelator interchangeable with the other figures in the line? Could I put other figures heads on there if I wanted to?

    SDCC Question

    Are we going to see this amazing reveals in display at Comic Con!!
    (Dragon Blast Skeletor & Meckanek?)

    Can Double Trouble be our Zartan?

    With Double Trouble being sort of a blank slate, how expensive would it be to give her a thermal color changing feature? Wouldn't it be cool if she could switch from her Green Glade rebel colors to her prototype blue/purple "Horde" colors with secret Horde faction symbol?

    I suppose anything is possible but no Double Trouble figure in the cards to announce at this time.

    If we're getting Granamyr this year how about Procructus in 2013? Have you given any thought on how you'd handle the size of him? I, for one, would like to see him larger than Megator and Tytus.

    There are lots of ways we could tackle him but nothing to announce right now!
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    Call me Jaded...but does anyone else read this answer thusly....

    Can Double Trouble be our Zartan?

    With Double Trouble being sort of a blank slate, how expensive would it be to give her a thermal color changing feature? Wouldn't it be cool if she could switch from her Green Glade rebel colors to her prototype blue/purple "Horde" colors with secret Horde faction symbol?

    I suppose anything is possible but no Double Trouble figure in the cards to announce at this time.
    Drowning in a Sea of Plastic.

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    Is the Dragon head on DB Skelator interchangeable with the other figures in the line? Could I put other figures heads on there if I wanted to?

    Great news!
    Por el Poder de Grayskull!!!...
    Ya tengo el poder!!

    My Feedback thread!!

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    I've added some new stuff. I'll be back with even more answers.

    I guess they are going cheap with the Filmation Hordak head.

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    Mattel quotes fixed:

    It is up to the Horsemen and Mattel design to make the final choices on these things. While we do look at online posts, we don't always give the fans what they want even when it's logistically possible!

    When we translate a character into "Classics" from other lines such as Filmation or 200X we will be using Classics parts as part of the current style. So likley if we did a "blue skinned Filmation Hordak" he would use the exisiting head. (for Classics). When we decide not to include second heads we tell you it is because they don't fit the "Classics" style. However, the "Classics" style will sometimes change on a figure by figure basis at our discretion, yet still remain a great excuse for us to hide behind later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whiplash7 View Post
    The snake guard answer is silly, especially as it doesn't even mesh with MYP, where the serpent's ring was destroyed before Hssss could do anything else. I consider the reptilian guard to be just some other species.
    This is why I have always thought Scott is just a brand manager first and a very casual fan a distant second. There is NOTHING wrong with that, but he doesn't seem familiar, at times, with things big fans would know. Again, that's fine, but I wish he would just cater to the hardcore fans desires more often.

    It's missteps like this that give him away.

    I also read this as a "buy lots More Palace Guard sets when we put them back on sale!!"

    Quote Originally Posted by JonWes View Post
    They are just fun icing on the cake that clearly TG is just doing on the side and very quickly. It's fine for people to say they'd like clearer videos. In fact, I'd love it too! But it's another thing to just expect it and get angry and disgusted when TG and Mattel don't hop right to fan suggestions or scoff at the reasons given. There is ZERO reason for TG NOT to get a "better" camera if there wasn't something holding him back. It's not like he's posting these at a lower resolution to spite any one!

    Can we please, as fans, just for ONCE accept that there might be some very good reasons and move on? Especially for these videos that we've gone years and years not even having? No? Okay, okay it was worth a shot. But, I mean, if we didn't get PD's awesome reviews I could understand it, but we do. We get them, they have great production value, and they usually come well ahead of a sell date.
    I just want to say that I'm not angry about the videos. I think they are fun. My point was that it makes him look bad I don't believe that Mattel can't afford a $120 camera, and a standing light. Non-profit theater companies I've worked for have more expensive equipment for use with publicity and marketing. I refuse to believe that Mattel doesn't have a stock of equipment used for this kind of thing. It smacks of laziness, to be blunt.

    The real problem here is that a lot of people don't believe Scott about things because he often contradicts himself.

    That coupled with the idea that Mattel might not already keep a stock of equipment for use in marketing and presentation is just kind of sad

    That's what I'm saying. I'm not angry. I don't get angry about this kind of thing... More bewildered
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    Terrible answer about Filmation Hordak. *sigh*

    During you research of MOTU in the Mattel "vault", did you find any surviving elements of the 80s mall tour?

    If so, any fun facts you can share?

    Nope. Mostly what i was looking for was pre-launch stuff form 1980-1892. Didn't see anything on the Mall Tour, but honestly I wasn't looking for this.
    1892 huh? :P

    I guess you can go back to whenever you want to look for pre-launch stuff if you have a cosmic key on your arm, eh?
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    I said it elsewhere and I'll say it again: Why did Battleground Teela come with a different head sculpt? She's in the exact same situation as a Filmation Hordak variant.

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    If they plan to do a Filmation style Hordak, then I want a new head - using the existing one simply isn't acceptable.

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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    Quote Originally Posted by Durendal View Post
    If they plan to do a Filmation style Hordak, then I want a new head - using the existing one simply isn't acceptable.
    Why does he need a new head? There is nothing different other than detailing, which the Filmatoin head lacks.

    BTW, why is everyone response from TG either vague or doom and gloom?
    Can someone PM me the US number for Matty? I want to talk to someone who might has a clue of what is going on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mekaneckpain View Post
    I do not support Filmation sculpted heads. If they make a Filmation Hordak head they'll be setting a precedence.
    Classics had set a precedence ever since we got two Mer-Man heads in different styles.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Why does he need a new head? There is nothing different other than detailing, which the Filmatoin head lacks.
    You could say that about Alcala Skeletor compared to the Cardback Skeletor head or Cardback Mer-Man compared to the original toy head. Other than colors, Filmation Hordak has more of a jawline.

    I show both heads on page two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuno View Post
    I said it elsewhere and I'll say it again: Why did Battleground Teela come with a different head sculpt? She's in the exact same situation as a Filmation Hordak variant.
    Teela had long hair and no tiara in the first issue of the original DC comic. The original Teela figure had a tiara and her hair back in a ponytail, so you needed a new head for her.

    I see your point though. After all, we did get an Alcala Skeletor head.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    MegaGearMax: I know that and I totally agree that Battleground Teela should have a new head. But that's why a Filmation variant Hordak should at least bring a different head besides the Classics one. It's exactly the same reason. I've seen Scott acknowledge different suggestions from fans and pass them to the 4HM or the design team, I don't understand how he can look at my suggestion and dismiss it without even considering it.

    What bugs me is how these kind of incoherences continue happening just like that.

    And I'm still waiting for them to swap Mekaneck's forearms to make him "pop".

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    I would still love a head set regardless losing a figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wundarwarrior View Post
    I would still love a head set regardless losing a figure.
    It's the "either/or" argument. Get a head pack and sacrifice an 100% tooled character like Ram Man or Mantenna. As much as fans would want a head pack, they want Ram Man or Mantenna more.

    The Official 200X Sorceress vs 200X Evil-Lyn 2 Pack Support Thread
    The Blonde Teela Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hordaiquiri View Post
    Terrible answer about Filmation Hordak. *sigh*

    1892 huh? :P

    I guess you can go back to whenever you want to look for pre-launch stuff if you have a cosmic key on your arm, eh?
    I caught that year too. Good reply.

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    If costs to produce toys are rising then wouldn't a movie year still prove to be too expensive to produce a Castle Grayskull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hosed Ovor View Post
    I find this sentence written by Scott interesting:

    Perhaps Ruben is more involved in the decision process than Mattel's previous designers.
    Oh so he did end up replacing Terry after all- I was out of the loop for a while but this makes a lot of sense now.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFallen View Post
    If costs to produce toys are rising then wouldn't a movie year still prove to be too expensive to produce a Castle Grayskull?
    I guess most companies would use the reasoning that in order to drum up support for the movie they would want a hot toy property on RETAIL shelves and the idea of retail absorbing some of the costs of such a venture would help cushion the blow of production on such a large item. The problem in this case as you already pointed out is despite a slightly cheaper cost it would still be EXTREMELY expensive to produce such a large playset regardless if it's in a movie year or not with recent production increases in China.

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