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Thread: He-man VS Thundercats characters #4 (Orko vs Snarf)

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    He-man VS Thundercats characters #4 (Orko vs Snarf)

    Who is better between these 2? Personally Orko is better and here's why:

    1. If it wasn't for Orko coming through the vortex, then he wouldn't have rescued Adam and Cringer (aka He-man and Battlecat) from the tar swamp and Skeletor would have taken over Eternia.
    2. Orko doesn't say his name after every sentence.
    3. Orko is brave enough to help He-man beat Skeletor, all Snarf would do is cower somewhere.
    4. Orko can fly and do magic, all Snarf does is clean and whine.
    5. Orko has a uncle...and a girlfriend.
    6. Orko is adorable.

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    Orko wins.

    Orko is a floating/flying wizard. Even by mistake, he could seriously hurt Snarf. Snarf on the other hand is a nanny. How could he get to Orko if he's in the air?

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    The winner? Tylenol...for all the headaches induced by these two.
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    Gotta go with Orko.
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    Orko wins hands down!

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    Orko. If it's how he usually is, his imagination and fighting spirit would find a way if Snarf is particularly cranky that day. Orko in Trolla: Lets just say I enjoy one-sided fights

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