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Thread: He-man VS Thundercats characters #5 (Skeletor VS Mumm-ra)

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    He-man VS Thundercats characters #5 (Skeletor VS Mumm-ra)

    Personally, Skeletor would win.

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    I vote Skeletor too.

    He doesn't need Ancient Spirits of Evil and he doesn't need to rest. Mumm-Ra relies on his benefactors for regular power-ups.

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    Oh, depends. If it is Filmation Skeletor than both 80's and current Mumm-Ra would take his lunch and milk money. 200x Skeletor would be able to take 80's Mumm-Ra but current Mumm-Ra would be tough. It'd be a great fight, 200x Skeletor vs current Mumm-Ra. Too close to call.
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    This one is tough having to choose between 2 cool looking villains. I like Skeletor's skull but I also like Mumm-Ra's rage. However, I have to give the advantage to Mumm-Ra because of his immortality.
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    The Overlord of Evil, of course!!
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    Skeletor boils the very earth inside the Tomb of his rival, cooking the decayed remains of Mumm-Ra. He then takes power directly from his once-rival, becoming that much harder to beat...

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