Prices listed do not include shipping. Thanks for looking.

Ace McCloud with SkyKnight $35

Ace McCloud with Orbital Interceptor $45

Blackstar lot $18

the Other World $18

Warriors: $5 each

Top row: Bad John Brown $7, others $5each
Bottom Row: $3 each

DieCast Galaxy Warriors: $15/pair

Top Row:
Mandoom w/belt $15
Elkhorn $10
Emperor w/cane $10
Adam Power $7
Griptogg $8
Snake Eyes V3 w/micro figure $10
Wolverine $5
Middle and Bottom Row:
$5 each

Happy to trade. Primarily looking for Centurions Jake Rockwell Fireforce (basic set) parts; GalaxyWarriors/etc gear, Lego.
ALWAYS looking for Mazinger/Grandizer/GettaRobo/GoNagai super robots, Tiger-headed figures.