Which MOTU characters would you like to see “come out” as positive role models?
[If DC comic license continues...]

We here at the org, are all mature, reasonable adults, capable of respectful and civil discussion, right? (I mean, this doesn't need to be a “protected” thread, right?)

So at first I was thinking this topic may be a bit premature...but then I realized, once the 6-issue DC MOTU comic mini-series coming next month proves to be a HUGE success (which I'm sure it will be), we are likely to get an additional longer-term, and/or more short-term MOTU licensed series, and therefore, character and story development for those potential comics would have to begin...well, now!

That said, and given the current national, and even global, positive trends towards a social majority of acceptance, or at least tolerance, in general, of gays/GLBT people in society, spawning more and more real life, as well as fictional, gay role models “coming out of the closet” almost weekly it seems (e.g. President Barack Obama affirming support of Gay marriage, DC's the new 52's Green Lantern, former NFL player Wade Davis coming out/speaking out on national TV...) I feel that now is the perfect time to 'revisit' the idea of some of our favorite MOTU characters “coming out” and becoming the latest examples of fictional, positive gay role models!

...And what better platform to tell these types of mature-oriented storylines than in a new “licensed” mainly adult-aimed comic series, like the forthcoming series from DC?!

Now let's not take this the wrong way. I mean eventually, and gradually, these types of storylines could be introduced, such as in the second year maybe, after we reintroduce and reestablish many of our favorite and main MOTU characters back into the comic world mainstream; Meaning, I'm not saying let's 'force' these types of storylines on readers (nor in terms of a 'forced' story) in the first issue of a potential second series or continuation of the series coming next month, but maybe, beyond that first series, the seedlings (or subtle hints) could begin to be planted....

Ok. Hopefully that was enough of a preface, to now get on to the meat of the topic here: Who?

Who would you – the die-hard fans here – like to see come out of the Eternian or Etherian proverbial closet?

(And since DC is apparently free to use any and all existing MOTU characters, including the current and upcoming MOTUC characters/figures, I'd say that they're all fair game for this topic.)

Personally, I have long championed for He-Man becoming the first openly gay mainstream fictional hero/role model, but unfortunately, that just seems very unlikely to happen, at least in the very near future anyway, for what seems to be obvious reasons (...Mattel “Inc.). However, if Mattel actually, um, “had the balls” to do that, well heck, I'd be in full support!

But the first character that came to mind after posing this question to myself again after not really thinking about it for a few years, was Count Marzo. I can envision his evilness stemming from bitterness and fear of others possible ridicules of that side of him, along with his own sadness and nonacceptance of himself, leading him down the wrong paths until finally one day when he “sees the light” – possibly through a found lover/partner – and becomes a hero and joins the heroic Masters of the Universe! Heck, he could even eventually fall back to the dark side, thereby exhibiting a constant struggle within himself, that mirrors the real life struggles and behaviors that some gay people, young and old, experience.

So that's just one idea of mine of “who” I could see as being portrayed as gay/GLBT and “how,” in a possible continuing MOTU licensed comic storyline...so what say you all?

I really am interested to read what ideas you all have, and how you feel about this in general. There really are so many possibilities!