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Posted June 13, 2012 08:03 AM
I only asked Scott for CLARIFICATION because it would nip any future speculation in the bud- sorry if I was at all unclear with that.

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I made this very clear on Roast Gooble dinner a while back. The 2013 sub figure is not a main character like Shadow Weaver. This was done in 2012 because it was the only way to get a Filmation character in time to show at SDCC 2011. Originally Horde Prime was the sub figure for 2012 because he represented a Filmation character we "could do" as he was never seen. That is also why he was briefly renamed "Horde Supreme" in some bios. Once we had full Filmation rights, doing HP was "less special" so we moved him to a monthly slot and made Shadow Weaver the sub figure (in order to have a visual at SDCC to represent Filmation rights).

As for Ram Man, no plans to announce right now.

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As always I appreciate Scott's time to answer this AGAIN to hopefully quell rumors to the contrary although Ram-Man NEEDS PLANS NOW LOL!