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Thread: This ends speculation on the sub exclusive issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by EldestSon View Post
    are you advocating for ram-man to be the sub exclusive?
    prior to this year, the sub exclusive wasn't a MUST HAVE. it was a cool to have figure. horde prime or horde supreme fits.
    This actually is a good case. Horde Prime/Supreme is exactly the kind of non-necessary-for-you-to-complete-your-collection figure that had been the sub exclusive previously. Now, I'm not saying that making Weaver the exclusive was JUST to make a big deal out of getting the Filmation rights, as strong arming the customers has become a Matty tradition. But I can see the reasoning TG gives as being another justification for the choice made. And, given that making Weaver the exclusive still resulted in the lowest sub sales ever, perhaps, for once, Mattel has actually learned a lesson? I would have bet the rent money on Rammy being the sub exclusive next year because, with one Matty disaster after another the past several months, including the "guarantee" of getting all the figures if you had the sub turning out to be a lie (ask all the folks who had a sub, had DR charge the wrong card, and then were told they were out of luck on Fisto by the time the incompetent blunder was straightened out), I'd expect the subs to nosedive. But it would be hard for even TG to spin his way out of this one after explicitly saying the sub figure would not be an important character like Ram Man.

    Then again, Matty said in writing that all subs purchased together in one transaction would ship together from day one, and that didn't happen, either, so I'm 100% convinced when I see a figure at SDCC with the words "Sub Exclusive" on the placard in front of it.
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