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Thread: Composer James Horner Dies in Plane Crash

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    Composer James Horner Dies in Plane Crash

    Earlier on Monday evening, reports were surfacing that a small plane registered to the composer James Horner had crashed in California, but it was unclear whether Horner had been piloting the plane when it went down.

    Later this evening, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed via Horner’s assistant that he had, indeed, perished in the crash. Though only 61 years old, Horner had achieved paramount status as a film composer working consistently on memorable and striking films the success of which was due in part to his music. While you might know his work best from Titanic or Braveheart, he was also the composer on two Star Trek films, Field of Dreams, and many more. He was a notable collaborator with James Cameron.

    Horner won two Academy Awards and was nominated 10 times for his work. According to The Hollywood Reporter, we may yet hear his completed scores on three films being released in 2015.
    R.I.P. Mr. Horner!

    I was a fan of his Troy soundtrack...

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    He was my number 1 composer, because of movies like Aliens, Krull, Star Trek II & III, Glory, Braveheart, and so many others. This absolutely sucks, he had so much life left to give to music.

    Rest in Peace, Jame Horner

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    Wow he did Krull to? Braveheart was my favorite of his. Sorry I can't post youtube links with my tablet. Such a loss he was a great composer!

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    He was certainly a huge influence on movies and TV. Check out his impressive resume:
    A tragedy for the movie industry indeed - as it was pretty much Danny Elfman, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and him on top.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Horner, and your music will play on.

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    RIP Mr. Horner.
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    This is just way too sad, a lot of good people died this month. June 2015 going to be a mourning month for lot of us. #RIP James Horner.


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    Wow, that is very sad. He's been a part of my life's soundtrack, from Willow to The Rocketeer to The Land Before Time and An American Tale... He was one of the greats in his field and his music will live on.
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    What awful news. He made some of the absolute best movie scores. He may not have been making as many recent classics, but my interest in the Avatar sequels just went way down knowing he won't be scoring them.
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    So many films. So many great scores. Star Trek II was the first of his I heard. I still think it's an amazing score. Krull, by extension, was great too. Really sad.
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    Just horrible.

    He composed some of my favorite movies.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbagok View Post
    ... my interest in the Avatar sequels just went way down knowing he won't be scoring them.
    Actually he has been writing new music for the squeals for the last few years...which is ironic considering Cameron hasn't started to film them. I hope that in some way Cameron can though use those pieces in the new films. His score was really essential to the film IMO.

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    That's terrible news! He was one of my favorite composers. The Rocketeer, Titanic, Field of Dreams, A Beautiful Mind, and The Wrath of Khan are legendary. They're some of my favorite movies, and his work on those movies is a big reason why. It's been a bad week. First, Earl Norem and now, James Horner.

    I wonder when people will stop flying those small Sesna-type planes-they always seem to crash.
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    I read this earlier today...

    Extremely sad news... his talents are some of the best and most recognized in the business.

    Thank you, Mr. Horner, you will be missed.
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