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Thread: Transformers Masterpiece discussion thread

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    Transformers Masterpiece discussion thread

    A few months ago I decided I was done with Transformers. I was a Classics collector but when that line kept being bumped for the movie line I decided I was done with Transformers.

    I still keep an eye on the news and so far I was able to resist any temptations and then I saw this;

    Soundwave w/ Lazerbeak

    ^ in the background is Buzzsaw, MP Ravage and a new MP Frenzy/Rumble mold. The cassete tapes even come with a case.


    Red Alert

    I have already preordered all 3.

    I have a couple of Masterpiece Trasnformers already, Grimlock, Starscream and Skywarp and as good as they are the look of the new ones is simply astounding. I will now certainly be picking up the MP-10 Optimus Prime when it gets released here in October.
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