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Thread: My Short Film "Three Corpse Dinner"

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    My Short Film "Three Corpse Dinner"

    Heya everyone.

    Just wanted to share a short film I wrote/directed last year (just released on youtube after the Premiere). Thought I'd share it in case anyone was interested... It's a little zombie comedy film made in Australia.

    Here it is...

    Hope you enjoy.
    PS: Hope this is the right section to post it in
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    Just saw that video. In the end Emma (Libby Phillips) becomes food for the Zombie (PJ Oaten) himself who had eaten both Jeff (The man in the chicken suit) and Oscar (Scott Perry) earlier.
    And, by the way Robzy, the video ends with the text "Dedicated to Steve". Who is this Steve anyway?
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    I saw the video it was better the some movies that went straight to DVD. So with that said are you a student or doing this on your own.

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    keep up with good work, I see some potential in that

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