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Thread: Emiliano's MOTUC Visions: Modulok

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    I love this and would be ecstatic to see this as a reveal at SDCC.
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    I thought I posted here once already, but I dont see the comment I thought I left.

    So to say, though I definately want this as this, and being able to do filmation Modulok is so great, I would want the chest to be basic red, and though I accept the need for the coloured bits for Filmation, I'd rather have like a separate harness peice.

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    I kinda agree with that. I too want "classic red" Mod AND the purple vest Filmation version.

    One thing I haven't seen brought up too much yet is how Modulok, and Multi-Bot, are sort of unique army builders. People bought multiple Mekaneck's just to be able to assemble insanely long necks; imagine what they'll do with creating massive Modulok configurations.

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    Amazing design, truly outstanding.

    Hopefully this will be the Modulok we get. It's certainly the Modulok we deserve.

    I hope Mattel makes him nice and durable, especially at the connection joints. My vintage version still holds up after 25+ years. That's the type of quality I expect.

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    Love me some Modulok. When I got him for Christmas as a kid I hadn't even known he existed. It was a pleasant surprise. One of my all time favorite MOTU toys. Hopefully they will once again follow Emiliano's lead here.

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