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Thread: ELKHORN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in MOTUC form

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    ELKHORN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in MOTUC form

    Here is Elkhorn, another of my line of customs based on the vintage line of Dungeons and Dragons in MOTUC Style. This time, although he is a dwarf, the friend for I made it wanted specifically a MOTUC, so he has grown up to be a proud viking .

    Mer-Man two pack body
    Deluxe Aggression head
    Demo Man hands
    Myth Cloth stand for shield modified
    Ares sword

    I am currently accepting commissions for custom figures, just PM me with your project
    See my other customs at; and see my MOTU customs in these videos;
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    That's awesome. It works as a random barbarian too.

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    Nice work as always, did you post Peralay (Melf) somewhere yet or is he still a work in progress?
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    that is what I like to see! ad&d in motuc style.
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    Superb execution Faceless One! Great The photography and painting is spot on. Love the purple beard and the texture of the paint!

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