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Thread: 30th Anniversary Merchandise Catch-all Thread

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    30th Anniversary Merchandise Catch-all Thread

    I've asked this before in multiple threads devoted to individual items released to celebrate 30 years of MOTU and haven't gotten any responses, so I figured it's relevant here.

    Is there a catch-all list with links to products released this year and where to buy them? We've seen a lot of good stuff be announced over the past few months, but I've lost track of what is available when and where. A consolidated list would help, I think. I've started one below with one item. We could update the list collectively, although I certainly wouldn't mind updating it slowly based on front page news items.

    Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

    Mods: Apologies if this already exists somewhere -- if it does, I'd appreciate being pointed in the right direction, since I need to balance my personal budget and am trying to plan ahead.

    Thank you.


    UPDATED: Thanks to everyone who has shared items. Let's make this the merchandise listing, then!

    List of Items with news/vendor/product links, in no particular order:

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