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Thread: Eternia Playset For Sale

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    Eternia Playset For Sale

    I'm listing my Eternia playset..
    For those who have not seen this set in person, it is a very large set and shipping is going to be kind of expensive so keep that in mind... It will most likely have to be shipped in 2 seperate boxes, and will definately have to be disassembled..

    That said, Im asking what I feel is a fair $600.00 shipped in the continental 48 states

    It comes from a smoke free home and is in nice shape for its age..
    It unfortunately like all of these sets did, it suffers from the brittle track issue.. in the pics I have the track basicly bound to the towers using clear rubber bands like what hold the MOTU classics figures in their bubbles, if you look closely you may be able to notice them..
    It displays nice, but can't be used for the motorized mono-rail to travel around the towers..

    The motorized mono-rail does work though, just needs batteries.. Along with the elevator, and all the other "functions" work great..

    The only thing I believe to be missing from the weapons and gadgets is 1 of the 4 hooks that attaches to a figures arm so they can hang from things.. 3 are included. Also the Red guns windshiled is missing..
    (If its noticed that something else is missing from the provided pics please let me know so I can correct my statement)

    Also included is the original instuction sheet..

    Issues, beyond the broken tracks:
    The big red gun is missing its windshield and one of the gun barrels is broken..
    The sting ray has had its tail chewed on by something.. possibly a child I don't know

    I have taken pictures of all the issues with the set so you can see with no surprises. What you see is exactly what you would recieve..

    phone media 624.jpg

    phone media 651.jpg

    phone media 640.jpg

    phone media 644.jpg

    phone media 643.jpg

    phone media 653.jpg

    phone media 654.jpg

    phone media 630.jpg
    one of the barrels gone and windshiled are missing

    phone media 626.jpg
    All 13 pieces of track are included but unfortunately suffer from the brittle and broken issue..

    phone media 658.jpg
    this shows the tail of the sting ray has been chewed

    phone media 657.jpg
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