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Thread: Was the Lunar Landing a Hoax?

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    Was the Lunar Landing a Hoax?

    Did man really walk on the moon? Its a subject that I've discussed with several people, and it seems that he evidence is adding up to a complete hoax. The moving flag in an atmospheric void. The lack of visible stars. Both call the credibility of the footage into question. As for the other 6 visits... well I'll have to do more research.

    Here is Part 2. While I've never really believed that Area 51 contained crash debris from alien aircraft, its not hard to believe it contains the secret to the lunar hoax. When you look at the LEM footage, it really makes you think about just how obvious the fake moon footage is. There are millions of miles between Earth and the moon, and if the LEM was so wildly uncontrollable on Earth, how did they work out the kinks for the moon mission?

    Part 3. The multiple sources of light. Its hard enough to take a dramatic, perfectly exposed photo on Earth, let alone in a spacesuit on the moon. The crosshairs and their inconsistencies do not make sense.

    Part 4. When you consider the lies, and inconsistencies of the US Government in regard to so many issues over the past few decades (The War In Iraq), and what the climate was at the time (the Cold War), is it so hard to believe that this is 100% fiction? Finally we have the story of Thomas Baron. That is chilling.

    Part 5. Radiation.

    And after all that, I find a snippet online about a Japanese orbiter that found the landing sites of the previous Apollo missions that shows the leftover equipment... I dont know what to believe anymore. Now this entire watch just seems like a silly overly dramatic fluff piece.
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