SDCC is just around the corner, and for those lucky enough to go there, that means preparations. And of course I've been following Pixel Dan's preparations with special interest, since he long ago announced he would come in full costume... as Mosquitor! Now, this was especially interesting to me, since a good friend of mine who is an old hand at building and wearing costumes for events has also been in the process of building a Mosquitor costume... Now you'd think these things would be related, but they aren't. We live in Sweden, far from any convention shenanigans, and my friend has been working on this on the back burner before we even knew Dan was!

My friend does not have a account, but in the interest of Mosquitor fandom across the globe, he's asked me to post some pictures of his project for anyone to see.

Now, one of the coolest things about when my friend builds costumes is that he usually tinkers with giving them some extra functionality. For his Mosquitor suit this will involve a chestpiece with actual blood-pumping action, just like the original toy! (No, it won't be real blood) Sadly he has not had time to finish this piece as of yet.

If and when the whole costume is completed, we'll be sure to have more pictures to share.

In closing, Mosquitor fans exist everywhere, even in idyllic Sweden. And hey, he's a cool-looking character, why not?

And before anyone asks, let me once again clarify that I am neither the designer or wearer of the suit, so I can't take any credits for this. I'm just the uploader.

Have a good day, all.