Hey MTG players!
I have question for you. I am hoping you can give me some advice...

I can buy a sealed Core Set from this guy for $80. I guess he just wants to get rid of it.


I can buy this (on ebay) for $40:
504 Magic the Gathering cards from the Magic the Gathering Magic 2013 Core set.

You will receive:
  • 36 Rares (with Random Mythics included)
  • 108 Uncommons (includes random foils)
  • 360 Commons (includes random foils)
  • 15 Tokens

What this listing is. 36 Opened Booster Packs or re-packs of Magic 2013 Cards.
Each pack will contain 1 Rare, 3 Uncommons. 10 Commons and 1 Basic Land. We will make these collections from the remainder of the boxes we are opening for cards we need to fulfill orders. What we do is open hundreds of boxes looking for several cards we need, then put them back into the box and sell them in our store.

That is 36 less cards than the Sealed Set. But its $40 less!!

That sounds better to me $ wise (to save $40), but Im wondering if the money I'd save is worth the more valuable cards I might miss out on? (which Id want to sell probably to counter the cost) How great is the chance of me getting $40 worth of valuable cards from the sealed set? (to counter the costs)

Which option do you guys recommend here?

A little info: I dont have many of the 2013 cards... that I know of anyway... with the exception of the "Path To Victory" set I recently purchased. I am trying to make something akin to the white deck found in the iPad games "Duels of the Planeswalkers". The "Peacekeepers" deck. So I have taken some cards out of it and am trying to build it into something more like that one instead.
Id' also like to build something like the green deck from that game as well.

Other "recent-ish" sets Ive picked up are:
Chaso Reigns
Knights vs Dragons
Primordial Hunger (which I havent played yet)

Most of my other decks are ones I built. I just got back into playing this summer.