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So quick question how did they make nick fury a white guy to a black guy in the comics. I don't understand why they need to do this. Zodac fury, they did with the punisher in the 90's. Why not just make a new character that is a different race then white. I really don't like that they do it. I see in movies but I'm still against it.
The Ultimate universe could get away with changing races, since it was an alternate universe. They made the Wasp an Asian woman and a mutant.

Ultimate Universe Nick Fury is based off Samuel L. Jackson with his permission for the Ultimates (the Ultimate version of the Avengers). Naturally, the movies would hire Sam Jackson and use that particular character instead of the standard 616 version. Now the general public sees Nick Fury as Samuel L. Jackson, thanks to all of those Marvel movies and TV Shows (Avengers: EMH and Ultimate Spider-Man)

Eventually, the 616 comics has to match the public's idea of what Nick Fury looks like, as BCI Guy explains.