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Thread: I need help identifying this Skeletor

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    I need help identifying this Skeletor

    $_57.jpgDoes anybody know which version of Skeletor this is? He seems to be a brighter blue and both hands are curled up so they both can hold his sword or staff. On the back all it says is Mattel 1981. The figure feels a little different than your normal MOTU figures as well.Attachment 98237IMG_8080.jpgIMG_8081.jpg How rare is it, I have never seen one like it.
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    Terror Claws Skeletor arms on a normal skeletor body?

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    It looks like dragon blaster skeletor body with terror claw skeletor arms
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    The body is from Dragon Blaster Seletor made in Hong Kong. Arms are from Terror Claws Skeletor and the accessories are maybe from Taiwan 1982/1983 except the belt which might be from Taiwan 1981... you can see what is written on the inner side of the accessories and tell us here.
    Nothing rare...all the parts are very common

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    I like this combo . You gotta give him a bath, though.
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