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Thread: Sun-Man and the Rulers of the Sun

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    Quote Originally Posted by He-loser View Post

    Something im not getting here..based on the articles headline, what makes these figures so positive? I get that there arent many African American action figures but there arent many Hispanic, Asian, or native american figures. Every toyline that I know of has at least a few ethnic figures and I agree that most toylines are pre-dominantly white...But I dont get what this lady is trying to say...the figures have weapons and are action figures like any the fact that they are predominantly african american...does that make them positive? So are white action figures negative???
    Not trying to troll here, Im not picking sides, im a white male in an interracial wife could care less about the color of our kids action figures...sounds like an angry woman to me...just sayin.
    And regards to the comic..pig face living in a cave?????? I grew up in the Queens NY public school system...I heard all I had to hear about the people who live in caves. Better "cave ***** and see what comes up.

    Or maybe im just reading between the lines?
    no no, it's ok, I feel the same way.

    Sooo... sun-man is better than every other hero 'cause they say so when trash talking about the other heroes?. Pass.

    That yellow cape-wings thing... it's... I can't stand to watch it, aesthetically unpleasing.

    Although I have to say that the Catra-double trouble equivalent is far superior to the original dolls, I don't know if doll Catra can turn into a panther in those mini comics, but the butterfly-woman villain can at least turn her face very cat-like and apparently you can't see a knob, it's hidden by hair; double trouble just goes from face to angry face, I guess it's supposed to be another person's face, but it looks the same to me.
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