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Thread: Third Mini-Comic Cover Revealed

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    Third Mini-Comic Cover Revealed

    Cover of the third mini-comic has been revealed (courtesy of Jon Kallis)--the cover is displayed in a USA Today story which can be read here!!!!

    Worth noting:

    *Rio and Extendar are atop Grayskull Tower;

    *At the base of the tower Photog is battling Beastman;

    *BG Teela (ugh) is fighting Horde Troopers, while Flying Fists He-Man takes on Terror Claws Skeletor;

    *King Hsss, flanked by Sssqueeze and Tung Lashor, holds the Havoc Staff in addition to his own staff;

    * Stratos and four other Avionians (one of whom looks female) are flying behind Orko near Viper Tower.
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