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Thread: Third Mini-Comic Cover Revealed

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott metzger View Post
    Playing devil's advocate here: When the cover was done, I seriously doubt that Mattel knew it would be revealed and promoted in USA Today; had they known this, then, yes, it would have been far wiser as far as marketing goes, to show the most recognizable heroes, namely He-Man and She-Ra, front and center on the cover. Thing is, that likey wasn't the case, and the cover was meant for the die hards already buying the line, so it was really an opportunity they couldn't have forseen in time.

    As it is, I imagine a lot of folks who remember the 80's are assuming She-Ra IS on the cover, and are probably wondering why she is wearing that fur bikini and ditched her fancy headpiece...
    IF they can tell the difference. There were people who called the Battleground Teela model "She-Ra" at SDCC last year. I think almost any warrior woman at He-Man's side can be mistaken for She-Ra by the casual fan.

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    About the POP fans "issue": I'm a vintage "He-Man & MOTU" fan, basically, I didn't even particularly enjoyed the POP cartoon as a child (I enjoyed Secret of the Sword, tough, and the moments more connected to Eternia/MOTU)... Yet I'm happy to have POP characters in the line: She-Ra and Adora are just beautiful, and very important character in the MOTU environment; and, when Frosta was revealed I had no idea what kind of character she was (apart for the obvious ice connection), then a POP fan pointed to her being the only one able to embarrass He-Man... Curiosity ensued, I watched the related POP episodes... And know I can't wait to add her to my collection!

    So, I for one very welcome POP figures in the line and POP fans here around!

    EDIT: Also, as a child, I was confused and angered to have most of the Horde in the MOTU toyline, while the Great Rebellion was in another basically different toyline. That made no sense at all to me. The current approach makes much more sense, and I can finally have Adam and Adora, and He-Man and She-Ra, and Hordak and Catra (if I wanted), etc. together on display and interacting!

    Of course, being a Cherry Picker Discerning Buyer, I'm not forced to buy figures I don't want, so I have no adverse effect if other people get the figures they want, I just need a little more patience to wait for mine to be released I think the subscription model is a significant part of the hate issue, since subscribers are forced to buy figures other people want and they possibly don't.
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