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Thread: Great Gluten-free / celiac disease-friendly Recipes

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    Great Gluten-free / celiac disease-friendly Recipes

    Hey gang,

    I have a good friend who is just discovering they are likely gluten intolerant. This means no more normal donuts or muffins or cakes - a big bummer for them as they have a sweet tooth. For Christmas, I'm trying to put together a binder of recipes that my friend is likely to enjoy. They are Russian and cook quite often, but aren't into baking as much (which I guess will now have to change).

    I would really love your suggestions! Thank you in advance.

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    My sister-in-law has celiac disease, and I'm not sure where she gets her recipes from unfortunately. What I do know is gluten free recipes use mainly rice flour as opposed to all purpose. You also need to stay away from anything that contains graham crumbs, so be careful when searching for recipes online.

    I'll ask her and see what she recommends.

    Update: I asked her and this is what she said "To be honest I get pretty much all of mine from Pinterest! That have SOOOOOOOO many it's incredible."

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the reply Flutterina! I really appreciate it, knowing bupkis about this subject. Sadly I am also ignorant about Pinterest. Guess I should better acquaint myself with it! If she has any recipes she really loves, feel free to point me in that direction. I'm going to print out the best ones and put them in a binder so my friend can try 'em....

    Thanks for the hint about Graham!
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    My wife has celiac disease. Here's a coconut oil chocolate chip recipe I make for our household:

    Just make sure gluten free flour is used!

    Here's a flourless gluten free brownie recipe:

    Here's a good gluten free site with many recipes:
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