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Thread: Battlepug by Mike Norton

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    Battlepug by Mike Norton

    Has anyone else seen this book? It's a really fun read! And guess who the main characters are inspired by?

    Battlepug is a tale about an unnamed warrior and his giant dog, narrarated by a tastefully naked woman who tells her story to two talking dogs. Mike Norton puts up a new page to the story every week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Has anyone else seen this book? It's a really fun read! And guess who the main characters are inspired by?

    Sherlock Holmes?

    Black Bolt?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benedict Judas Hel View Post

    Sherlock Holmes?

    Black Bolt?
    haven't heard of it.

    Lone Ranger?

    John Wayne?

    Bull Rider?

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    I love that web comic, I need to catch up on it *scribbly*

    I don't have a Battle Pug, but I do have a Devastation Dane.
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    I have the Battle Pug hardcover. It isn't very good IMO and the story is "to be continued". I was very disappointed.

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