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Thread: Let's Prove We're More Important to Mattel for DCIE Fans :)

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    Let's Prove We're More Important to Mattel for DCIE Fans :)


    I don't know if you've noticed, but the DCIE sub meter hasn't really budged much in the last 4 days. We're in danger of getting the axe, too. Let's look at this as a contest to prove to Mattel just how important we are for the company's sales in comparison to the collectors of other lines. Now that there has been a delay, they seem to be getting the message. Lets beat DCIE and hit the minimum number of subs before they do, if they meet it at all.

    (This is mainly for fun but also to encourage others. I just loves me some competition!)

    Should be "than" DCIE fans in the title, can a mod edit it?
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    The DC sub is in really bad shape, Mattel took a number less than minimum last year to give it a shot.

    I really hope (almost say "would expect") Mattel would take a number "close" to the MOTUC minimum to give it another chance, especially since the lineup Toyguru proposes for 2014 would probably garner more sales than this year's lineup (although I personally love them all, Foe Men included), and it's Mattel's own brand anyway so it's not like they're losing licensing money here.

    I do feel bad for the DC fans though. They should really go back to the periodic two-packs like they did while DCUC was in stores. All but the Ultraman/Luthor one sold out very quickly.

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    As a DC fan who has a Dc sub this and next year i have been considering getting a motuc sub to help. Wont be thanks to your attitude. you are on your own.

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    Yeah, sorry I know this is meant for fun but I don't think DC fans will think it's very fun, and there's a LOT of overlap on the board.
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