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Thread: WWE Meets MOTU feature on this week!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micro-Man View Post
    It's all parts from Mattel and Jakks Pacific accessories combined into a custom arena that I made for a "Pic Fed" wrestling show that I do on my spare time. The RAW ring is the short-lived Elite Scale Ring that Mattel made a while back. Sadly, because of the high price point, retailers didn't really pick it up and Mattel scrapped any plans to support this ring with additional accessories. It's probably the best toy wrestling ring made to date, though!

    The crowd is made up of random TV and movie figures that I've picked up on clearance. If you look closely you'll find Harry Potter, Twilight, Star Trek, Heroes, Kill Bill, and all sorts of Neca/Mezco figures. They make for a good crowd of normal-looking people! The cage is the Hell in a Cell cage from Jakks' Real Scale Ring playset. It's an older playset made before Mattel got the WWE license in 2010. Here's another look at my arena setup...

    Attachment 77180

    Attachment 77181

    I hope this helps and I'm glad you liked the pics!

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the info man ! Now I'll have to hunt down that elite ring. I am a fan of WWF/E since 1991 (Though I dont like it much since 2006, but still a fan of it none the less), so no wonder I'll be buying it !!
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    Definitely not a fan of the current WWE, but I still love the idea of this. Anything to put MOTU more out there is fine by me.
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    This is excellent, yes I am a wrestling fan, but also WWE does reach a massive fanbase, some of whom were probably MOTU fans when they were younger and may not know that MOTUC exists.
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    This is awesome news!!!

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    I can see a Cena/He-man 2 pack. Big WWE and MOTU fan since I was a kid so it's like putting peanut butter and jelly together for me.

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    This is a fun idea. Plus Ever since the MOTU vs dc 2packs ended, I thought Mattel should sell wwe vs MOTU 2packs to create more awareness with the kids

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    The matches were fun. I still don't see them making two packs but Oh, I wish they would!!

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    Not a fan of modern wrestling, I hope they do some matches with 80s/90s wrestlers.

    How about:
    Rio Blast vs Cowboy Bob Orton
    Webstore vs Repoman
    Hulk Hogan vs Castle Graskull Man (thats my hair cut match)
    Cy-Chop vs Brutus the Barber Beefcake
    Scareglow vs Papa Shango
    Spikor vs Legion of Doom (handicap match)
    Grizzlor vs George the Animal Steele
    Vikor vs The Berserker
    Stratos vs Koko B Ware
    King Hisss vs Jake The Snake
    Mo-Larr vs Isaac Yankem
    Draego-Man vs Ricky the Dragon Steamboat
    Icarius vs The Rocket Owen Hart
    Megator vs Andre the Giant
    Tytus vs The Giant Gonzalez
    Chief Carnivus vs The British Bulldog
    King Randor vs The King Jerry Lawler
    Sy-Klone vs Typhoon
    Gygor vs Gorilla Monsoon
    Buzz-Off & Stingrad vs The Killer Bee's
    Quakke vs Earthquake
    Crackers the Clown vs Doink the Clown
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    motuc/wwe 2packs would kill at retail i think

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    I agree. They could do some MOTU repaints, and release some WWE Superstars in older ring gear, like Cena with the 16 bit nintendo shirt from 2008-09 ish.....that would rock.

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