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Thread: Emilliano's MOTUC Visions: Horde Invaders

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    Emilliano's MOTUC Visions: Horde Invaders

    Man, has he been busy this week! First Peekable, then the vehicle pilots and now these guys:

    Some of you may remember Emiliano's idea posted some time ago, about introducing in MOTUC two others body structures or "bucks", to allow a greater variety of figures and characters:

    Emiliano posted some figure designs based on these extra body bucks, including Ram Man, Tataran, Lizard Man and Prince Adam. But he also left the door open to even more reuse! One of the things he had in mind back then, was to create these multipacks based on specifics episode of the cartoon. So why not a Horde Invaders 3-pack from The Origin of the Sorceress? This is just an example, but he plans to explore this idea further with more multi-pack ideas!

    Anything that justifies the 200X Adam buck is great in my book!

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    that's a very clever way to introduce the use of new basic body types.

    hope the 4h will embrace this suggestion.

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    I love it! I wish that the actual MOTUC figures were executed as well as these illustrations. I'm not big on 3-packs, but these would be pretty good just like Emiliano's Roger Sweet trio might have been. I love the details on these too, a very satisfying rendering of Filmation's designs!

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    I saw these earlier today. They're awesome! I agree that I'm generally not a multi-pack fan, but a 3 pack is PERFECT for these guys.
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    3 pack of these guys labeled as HORDE INVADERS would be awesome!!! I love that Filmation "Origin of the Sorceress" episode!
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    Great ideas as usual.
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    cool use of all three body types.
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    Great Vision as always from Emilliano but personally I wouldn't be interested in these guys.
    I'd love to see a King Paw use the Squat style bust though
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