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Thread: MOTUC Director's Commentary #18: The Goddess - mini comics alive!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    "There certainly are characters we donít want immortalized in plastic;" Really? Like WHO?
    Obviously my point of view on this likely differs from Mattel's, but the first two that come to my mind are The Might Spector and Sir Laser Lot!

    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher of Madness View Post
    Crackers is less suitable. MUCH less suitable.
    While I fundamentally agree, I still think he would be more suitable than possibly both of the above mentioned characters (especially Sir Laser Lot)!

    Regarding the comments on the Goddess issue, while I am highly skeptical of the sonic welding issue being the cause of the problem, I can see where there might be some legitimacy to it because while the goddess was translucent, she's still not made up of the same kind of material as Roboto's torso or Photog's lens, which are both much harder types of plastic. But regardless of the rhyme or reason, the lack of a good solution still stinks.

    The thing that bothers me about the comment about "corrected" figures taking up "production skus" or whatever is that they don't seem to necessarily be limited to the specific number of production skus. Take for example the release of Bubble Power She-Ra at the end of last year. She wasn't included in the sub, and she was kind of a random "one-off" extra figure that they decided to make. I'm sure that required a decent amount of advanced planning, but none the less they were able to add the "extra sku" as they saw fit.

    The same pretty much goes for the entire 30th anniversary line of figures that we are getting this year. They were planned out as an extra series of Skus for this year that weren't going to be included in the subscription... and due to fan demand they ended up setting up a separate sub specifically for them at the last minute. The bottom line is that they could easily choose to do these updated/corrected figures as extra figures that are either not included in the sub or have their own separate sub, and therefore wouldn't be taking up a "slot" dedicated to a monthly figure or "A-list variant".

    Heck, a separate sub would be a great idea! Why not (maybe next year as it is probably too late for this year) take a handful... anywhere from 3 to 6... of the figures in the line with the biggest past issues (i.e. Goddess, Roboto, King Hsss, Stinkor... even if his error was "intentional") and make a separate sub for corrected and updated versions of them. Correct whatever the problem was with them, but maybe also include some different accessories or add a little extra something here or there to make them a bit different (maybe give King Hsss a more 200X inspired head and improved snake form), but allow them to have parts that can be swapped with the original figure to make a corrected version of what that figure was supposed to be. Rather than being secretive about what figures will be included, state specifically upfront which figures will be part of this particular sub, even if the updated designs aren't revealed for all of them. Have it set up like the DCUC sub where they use that "thermometer" to gauge fan interest. If enough people sign up for the sub, then they go forward with it, it's a success, and they don't have to worry about producing figures that nobody will buy. If the interest isn't there and not enough fans sign up, then they just cancel it and nobody is worse for the wear. And if the sub does go forward, test and check the hell out of the figures and make sure that the past issues are resolved and that no new issues have been created. It's pretty much a win/win. Mattel's risks are pretty much eliminated, people who are fine with their existing figures and don't want to sign up for this sub don't have to, and the people who do want it can sign up for it and get these figures if enough people want them!

    Logic... what a concept!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mern-Ra View Post
    It was our very own Eamon whose picture Scott used without (ever) putting his name to his art.

    Scott has a history of leaving people's names off of official Mattel presentations. A few years ago they were looking for a complete loose 200X collection to photograph for a proposed "Matty's Museum" they were going (are going?) to put on Mattycollector, so I offered mine up. I also offered to loan a few of my rarest vintage figures, including an original He-Man prototype/test shot. There was a contract involved, and in the contract it stipulated that anytime and anywhere pictures of items from my collection were used that my name would be right there with it, but then a picture of my prototype/test shot ended up in the SDCC exclusive art book, and there was absolutely nothing saying that it was from my personal collection.
    As far as the unauthorized use of Eamon's art goes, I'm playing devil's advocate here based on the fine print I've read in comic books for years, so don't crucify me. If Eamon draws a picture of a Mattel-owned character (in this case the Goddess) without the express written permission of Mattel and posts it online, is it not Mattel's right to use that image and not credit Eamon? After all, they own the property and did not give permission for anyone else to draw or make use of it. Would it be the karmic right or cool thing to do? No. Is it within their legal rights? Probably. Plus, if Mattel paid or gave credit to a fan for using his artwork it would start a firestorm of people submitting things to Mattel for their use. I'm not a Matty apologist and not hatin', just statin'. As for them going back on their contract with you, that's messed up. Nothing to add there.

    As far as the Goddess goes, I have 2. My first one came with a glob of paint on her face, so I ordered a second. After fighting with Matty all month, they sent me a third free of charge (already traded a long time ago, sorry guys) without me having to return my defective, which was really just a bad head. So I have two perfectly fine Goddess bodies, one of which has always been on display and been knocked over more than a few times. The other body is in my MOTU tub should I ever experience one of these 'pelvic explosions' I've heard so much about. I feel bad for all those who do not have a good Goddess figure, but I'm a DCUC collector too and Scott's right in the fact that DCUC figures (specifically Waves 4 and 5) were having some serious breakage issues at the same time. I'm not saying his blog post is 100% fact but I also don't think it's 100% corporate double speak either.

    Update:So when I got home from work I messed around with my Goddess, since I do have an extra. All I did was move one leg, and the other fell off. So now I see what the 'exploding pelvis' is all about
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    Quote Originally Posted by dorrmann View Post
    I'm curious what this is referring to:
    There certainly are characters we donít want immortalized in plastic
    Just what I though mate.

    Quote Originally Posted by super-munkyboy View Post
    I preferred the proto too. The colours really popped.
    Same here, I much preferred the non-translucent skin, I was so disappointed when it was shown with the translucent skin.
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    Its was great reading this blog. Its good to know the best plastic is used no matter what. I'm happy that the goddess is immortalized in plastic. at first I was picky & didn't get her I later changed my mind & picked her up on ebay. I'm glad I did. I love the figure & that unique translucent plastic. so awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jibernish View Post
    I am also disturbed by the thought of TG/Mattel not making certain figures because at that point the fans would own them. Seriously? What a way to show us all the big wall between Mattel and their fans right before SDCC. Build that wall up guys Just don't 'waste' a development sku on it. Oh the hubris, the mightier than thou attitude.

    Also, while She-ra was remade becuase she "fundamentally could not interact with her mount," Goddess can not fundamentally interact with her legs, or the ground, so............. I"m not buying it. Just say "We're not remaking Goddess because we don't want to." And I can't believe they are sticking to the sonic welder story when all the clear/translucent plastic used, even plastic with no joints at all, have had widespread issues. This sonic welder isssue is a bone Mattel just won't let go of.

    "This toy process translates them from a static, passive form of entertainment to an engaging, interactive format. You can now take said action figure, pose him, her or it in any way you want. " Anyone here have a Goddess figure they feel comfortable posing? So the Goddess still doesn't have permanence in my book.
    "knock on wood" but my Goddess figure is holding up very well and I posed her when I first got her. Only thing i did was fix here bobble head by adding a drop of silicone to her head socket.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I don't think TG realizes that just because clear plastic may be expensive, doesn't mean it isn't cheap... cheap in the context of lacking quality. If the clear plastic doesn't hold up the way it should, I say it's cheap. The cost of it is irrelevant.

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    Seeing the Adora thread made me realize I never read this one--I hope we get that figure (Oolar) he alluded to at the end!

    Quote Originally Posted by bezem View Post
    As for them going back on their contract with you, that's messed up. Nothing to add there.
    Yeah, I thought about taking them to task on it, but what I really would have wanted and LOVED was for my name to be in the art book next to the figure I had loaned them, but that ship had sailed.
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