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Thread: Emilliano's MOTUC Visions: Netossa

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    Emilliano's MOTUC Visions: Netossa

    If you think about it, Emiliano hinted towards her with Peakblue. Both characters shared the same body in the vintage line. It would just make sense if the same would happen in MOTUC. (And same for Emiliano as he sketched the same body once) But with a few tricks, not only she would still look different enough, but she could also be displayed looking like the vintage toy or more like the Filmation version. Just with a clip on mask! (no, no swapped forearms needed!)

    Netossa has always been one of Emiliano's favourite POP figure. He likes the color scheme and he always imagined her as very strong and imposing. He tried to incorporate that idea in his sketch, moving a bit from the more fragile and gentle look she has in the Filmation cartoon. Someone might remember that she was also the only POP character appearing in my old fan comic, Homecoming!

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