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Thread: Weapon pak 04 - suggestions

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    Recolored Skeletor Havoc Staff in 200x colors.

    Recolored Skeletor cape in green, black, blue, red, or the correct purple to match Skeletor.

    Some metallic colored Stinkor weapons might be nice.

    Recolored Kobra Khan blaster.

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    I really want the Man E Faces 5 weapons (red ones) from the weapons rack in weapons rack colors for Castle Grayskull!

    I want a complete single color weapons rack. I also would not mind the other 4 in red for a second complete set.

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    He-man's axe, shield and battle armor in black for Wundar
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    Magenta Faker armor and sword
    Orange Skeletor havoc staff (Leo Faker)
    RED Man-e-faces gun (not orange!)
    Red Teela shield (to match the ones from this last weapon pack)
    Blue BP She-ra sword (Netossa)
    Silver Goddess staff
    Slightly altered Kobra Khan gun (for my 200X Khan)
    Purple Keldor cape
    Glow in the dark power sword
    Vac metal power swords (silver and gold)

    **New Stuff**

    Rattlor's harness
    Strobo's gun (if he's not gonna come with it)
    NA He-man's helmet head and armor (if he's not gonna come with it)
    Filmation power sword (in silver, grey, purple, orange, magenta, glow in the dark, vac metal.....)
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    Spector's whip
    Face shield for Netossa
    Snake armor for Rattlor
    Trap Jaw Laser Bow from Filmation (Black)
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    Ram staff Filmation color
    Ram staff 200X color

    Teela Filmation sword
    Skeletor Axe (from episode one)
    200X Zodak staff
    spell book
    Rattlor Armor

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    Just out of curiosity, is anyone else interested in some additional weapons for the Sorceress? For example, I would love Teela's shield in a translucent white or blue plastic to match the invisible shield she created in the "Origin of the Sorceress" episode. Also, a sword might be nice.

    Other than that, things I would love to see include:

    Skeletor's Havoc Staff in 200X colors
    Keldor's Cape in Skeletor's colors
    BG Evil-Lyn's cape in Evil-Lyn 1.0's colors (i.e., dark and light blue)
    Glory Bird's stand in white or light blue (to match TOD Zoar)
    BP She-Ra's sword in White and Blue for Netossa
    King Miro (okay, okay--that's not strictly an accessory, but I'd love to see him revealed soon, LOL!)
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    Since WP 3 had 6 new items and 9 repaints I will try to choose the same...

    Gygor axe in Tytus colors
    200X Havoc Staff
    Trap Jaw weapons in silver (3)
    Hurricane Hordak weapons in black (3)
    Perch for TOD Zoar

    Staff of Avion that Stratos can hold
    Skeletor's gun from Mini-comic #3

    Strobo's gun
    General Rattlor's armor
    200X Jitsu belt
    Netossa's mask

    Others too numerous for 1 pack....
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    A red Stinkor gun
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    Quote Originally Posted by StraightEdgeHe-Man View Post
    He-man's axe, shield and battle armor in black for Wundar
    I hadn't thought of that one, very good sir. Very good idea indeed....

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    Honestly unless they include newly tooled weapons I say no more. They are silly. I'm not a kid that needs to change silly color weapons. I buy them to have everything. If not I don't need them.
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    Awesome thread idea, no idea how I missed it.

    MAA armor in silver.
    Keldor swords in a cross between Faker and Disco Skeletor colors. Eagle in orange with gold blade, demon in purple with silver blade.
    Clawful armor in green
    Power Sword and axe in red and black or gray for Hordak
    Trap Jaw gear in silver.

    I tried to be creative there, but I guess I opened and closed with some obvious choices.

    Belt for Clamp Champ
    Belt for Jitsu
    General armor
    General belt
    Smaller techno sword to be used for either Adam or She-Ra

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    I would still really like some book stands for Orko and Shadow Weaver

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    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

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    * Roboto's 200X accessories
    * Stratos's Staff of Avion
    * Netossa's mask
    * Rattlor's armour
    * Trap Jaw's Filmation accessories


    * Horde Prime's hands

    Apart from the above, i have no issues/need for any other accessories.
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    I'd really like the original black/star field He-ro sword.

    That just looked AWESOME.

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    Skeletor Havoc staff and armour in grey/silver

    He-Man Shield in purple

    Hurricane Horde weapons in black

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    Zoar stand, Zoar armor, and an alternate King Grayskull Orb for ToD Sorceress. The first one really should have been with this month's pack.

    - - - Updated - - -

    As for new, brand new weapon attachment sculpts for Trap Jaw is always nice.

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    Sword for Netossa, crossbow for Catra, Rattlors armor, perch for ToD Zoar - just give us quality and a few new items and I'm happy.

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    I am really excited for this latest weapons pack to arrive, and I definitely do hope that these continue.
    My wish list includes everything that has been sculpted but cut... (so Rattlor Armor, Spector whip, etc.)
    And these must-haves:
    *She-ra shield in silver
    *Teela Shield in red
    *BG Evil Lyn shield in purple or black
    *BP She-ra sword in blue for Netossa
    *She-ra shields cast in transluscent glittery plastic for the Star Sisters
    * TOD Zoar perch and armor
    * BP She-ra tiara in toy colors would be cool too

    Looks like I am favoring the ladies in this post, but I feel some of them have def. been lacking in the accessories department lately.

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    Netossa's Sword and face guard

    Goddess' Two Piece Cobra Armor and Helmet as in comics

    Strobo's gun

    Bendy tentacles for Octavia

    Rattlor's armor

    Grizzlor Armor in all Yellow from the Magazine cover

    Trap-Jaw, Roboto, Hurricane Hordak, Horde Prime attachments in appropriate colors for shared parts.

    Mekaneck Club for Moss Man.

    Cy-Chop's belt repainted for Rattlor or others

    Catra's Sword in blood red
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    Old repainted stuff:
    -MAA blaster and sword in magenta for Prince Adam, maroon/silver for Teela
    -Faker armor/weapons in magenta/80's variant colors (not Adam's colors)
    -Weapon's Rack MEF weapons in weathered/rust color to match remaining weapons on weapons rack for CG
    -same weapons as above in orange
    -Doomseeker in Silver
    -Man-E-Faces' gun in red
    -Stinkor's weapons with blue metallics
    -Horde Prime's crossbow in orange/blue for Cychop
    -Horde Prime's hands in silver/blue for Cychop
    -Palace Guards right-side arm and leg armor in MAA and Snake MAA colors
    -Power sword in black starfield translucent plastic
    -King Randor's weapons in pearlescent yellow for Eternos King Randor
    -She-Ra's shield in silver for Filmation BP/She-Ra hybrid
    -BA Armor/plates/weapons in magenta for Faker
    -He-Man shield in purple for Skeletor
    -Trap Jaw weapons in silver/blue for Cychop or Roboto
    -Teela Cobra staff in Maroon w/ gold band for Teela (color swap of original)
    -Teela Shield in white w/ gold accents for Teela (minicomic)
    -MossMan satchel/vine strap/carving knife in greens/pink for Perfuma
    -Zoar perch/armor in white (not gray)/lavendar for TOD Sorceress Zoar
    -Buzz-Off 200x hatchet in gold/pink/black for Sweet Bee
    -Catra's weapons in red/purple for Filmation Catra
    -Hurricane Hordak's attachments in silver for Horde Prime
    -Spikor's weapon in brown for Evilseed
    -BP She-Ra's sword in white/blue for Netossa

    New Weapons:
    -Teela/Goddess: Snake Helmet and snake armor as separate pieces.
    -Beast Man/Carnivus: larger claw gauntlets
    -Stratos: staff of Avian, new gripping hand (we all own a blowdryer) and feet/shin talons (fly friends into battle or carry foes away)
    -Tri-Klops: new Three-eyed visor, finger daggers, new hand with open fingers to hold them
    -Webstor: Capture web (attaches to figures' arms and legs, can be used with flight stand for "trapped posing", working grapple backpack
    -Adora: Horde Force Captain armor/gear
    -Trap Jaw: energy bow, other weapons as previously suggested
    -Evil Lyn: spellcasting hand, prototype wand
    -Optikk: working "eyelid" battle helmet
    -She-Ra/BP She-Ra: "sword-to" weaponry (Helmet, net, grapple and line, etc)
    -Skeletor: crystal ball axe, crossbones sword, FILMATION HEAD with relaxed hood that goes over the neckline,
    -Roboto: 200x shoulder weapons/upper body armor attachment
    -BuzzOff/Sir Laser-Lot: techno lance (gold --or silver-- as seen in Filmation and media art)
    -Bow: 4 longer arrows (all four card suits)
    -Catra: same sword in "whip" form (like Ivy in Soulcalibur), Horde cat-themed crossbow
    -Man-E-Faces alt tri-face piece (Hssss/Hordak/Beast Man)
    -Zodac: chair
    -Starla: starfield backpack with adjustable star flares
    -Jawelstar: jewel form with hair "fissures" embedded in the jewel
    -Sorceress: Red feminine tech-battle armor/helmet/waist blasters, reverse-engineered from Zoar. Made by MAA so she can fight outside the castle
    -Fisto: right hand, alt back armor
    -Shadow Weaver: shadow coils, spellbook podium (Same for Orko, Evil Lyn, Castaspella, Sorceress)
    -Mighty Spector: energy whip
    -Spikor: alt hammer hand
    -Mekaneck: Snake neck/snake head/green hands (quarterly variant w/ Snake Men gear?)
    -Rattlor: snake armor, blue/green snake staff
    -Frosta: transformable ice slide (ice hand blasts and ice blocks to trap enemy feet connect to form ice slide)
    -Cy-Chop: smaller rotatable whirling blades, transforms from scissors to chopper blades, other bladed weapons to attach to belt loops
    -Netossa: working net, face guard
    -Jitsu: 200x belt, 200x katana, alt right gripping hand
    -Karatti: Right chopping hand
    -Octavia: housing unit to plug in the back for alternate bendy tentacle set, throwing star, saturn staff, freeze batons

    Blast effects: Stinkor's stench, Kobra Khan' venom, DB Skeletor's paralyzing spray for the dragon, lightning for the power sword, etc.
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    Lots of great ideas I REALLY want in here!

    These are my favorites:

    -silver/chrome/gray MAA armor and mace for Snake Armor MAA (Serpent Claw)
    -MAA mace in black for Kronis
    -Spector's energy whip
    -GITD Power Sword
    -GITD Sword of Protection
    -Crystal Blue colored armor and perch for TOD falcon
    -Mekaneck's mace in brown for Moss Man's 200X weapon
    -He-Man's shield in purple for Skeletor
    -Magenta Faker armor and weapons (Power Sword copy, axe, shield)
    -silver (with blue trim) Trap Jaw weapons for Roboto
    -Orange (with blue trim) Horde Prime Hands and crossbow for Cy-Chop
    -red HP crossbow for HH
    -Trap Jaw weapons in orange (with blue trim) for Cy-Chop
    -Hurricane Hordak Weapons in orange (with blue trim) for Cy-Chop
    -HH weapons in silver for HP
    -silver doomseeker
    -GITD Doomseeker
    -blue BGEL cape for Evil Lyn (1.0)
    -black He-Man harness for Wun-Dar (or "He-Bro")
    -silver She-Ra shield for She-Ra
    -BPSR sword in blue for Netossa
    -Rattlor's 200X-styled armor
    -copper Gygor axe for Tytus
    -Strobo's rifle
    -Cy-Chop's belt in black and red for Rattlor (and potentially Tung Lashor)
    -gold HM shield (with blue trim) for King He-Man and/or Randor
    -starfield version of He-Ro's sword (I could see this as its appearance while in possession of Horde Prime...)
    -Teela shield in red to match newest Weapons Pak's Teela gear

    MOTUC Most Wanted: Skeleteen, Prince Keldor, Captain Randor, The Great Black Wizard, Lady Slither, Spirit, Tuvar, Baddra, Cursed Marzo, Tug-O-War, Scrollos, Songster, Mini-Comics Spirit of Castle Grayskull, and for the love of the Sorceress and Julie Winston, ODIPHUS!!!

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    Staff of Avion
    Armor for Rattlor
    Perch for ToD Zoar
    Sword and mask for Netossa
    Strobo's gun
    200X fan? Classic fan? What does that mean? I'm a MotU fan!!!

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    A Glow in the Dark pack, all already produces armor and weapons. He-man, Teela, Man-at-Arms, Skeletor, Beastman, Stratos, Zodac and Merman. Just to start with.
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