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Thread: Weapon pak 04 - suggestions

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    Spector Whip
    Spell effect for Shadow weaver
    Koradite Cystal
    Ice Effect for Frosta
    Mask for Netossa


    White bird armor and stand
    She-ra bubble Sword in clear blue for frosta
    Magenta Faker Armor and Sword/Ax
    Silver She-ra Shield
    Brown club repain for moss man 200x
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    You guys, all, have such great ideas! I would say that the magenta gear for Faker is "fan demanded" at this point. I would like to see some of the cool generic weapon from the mini-comics added at some point. I like the idea of an armor pack, too... with cloaks. bandoleros and belts... helmets I could go on and on.

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    Horde Prime hands repainted for Cy-Chop
    Cy-Chop blades, one in Black for Trap-Jaw and/or Horde Prime, one recolored for Roboto
    A Vac Metal Power Sword
    A full glow in the dark Scythe of Doom
    He-Man harness in black or red
    A clear stand and bombpack for ToD Zoar
    Vikor, Demo Man, and Battleground Teela gear repainted
    Blue Webstor Rifle
    Grey Zodac/k armor and weapons
    Prince Adam Vest in Alcala Blue
    Mekaneck and Tallstar extension pieces, not recolored.
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    Ok, I'll play:

    He-Man shield in purple for Skeletor
    She-Ra shield in silver with a blue stone(Sword to shield!)
    Trap Jaw attachments in silver for Roboto(at this point they could make an entire weapons pak out of the various attachments in various color schemes)
    Rattlor 200x armor
    White stand for ToD Zoar
    MAA leg and arm armor in silver
    Orange 200x Power Sword for Faker
    Goddess spear in silver or white for Netossa

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    Surprised I haven't gotten into this yet! Well, lets see:

    New Items:
    - Spector whip, of course
    - Some sort of new item for Netossa (sword, spear, etc)
    - Rattlor Armor, once again, of course
    - (NA He-Man Armor and helmet head if they can't add it to the figure)
    - 200X Jitsu belt

    - Vikor accessories painted all rusty, dirty, and old
    - Bubble Power She-Ra sword in translucent blue (with a clear crystal) for Frosta
    - White Teela snake armor and staff (gold eyes on the armor)
    - Snake Men sword and spear in various shades of green
    - Translucent smokey black NA He-Man sword (with shiny black hilt) for NA Skeletor
    - Mechanical Power Sword in either purple or orange
    - Randor's staff and sword in black, purple, and silver for a King Skeletor (sort of)
    - Roboto arm attachements in orange
    - Kobra Khan pistol in silver and blue (to match Snake Men weapons)
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    Magenta Faker armor matching the original cardback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowBeast View Post
    I am guessing the new tools for Weapons Pak 3 were a one-time thing, so I am going with repaints:
    Can't just be a one-time thing. Now that they've broken the wall...they can't go back. People know that it can be done.
    Something tells me that Weapons Pak 4 will have Strobo's gun and Rattlor's armor.

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    Horde symbols and arm bands.

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    I'm not going to hold my breath that future weapons paks are coming in the future, unfortunately. The current one, which has many NEW weapons, isn't even "almost gone" yet.

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    Your Wishlist - Weapons and Accessories!

    Hey folks,

    With three Weapon Packs released so far, I find myself wondering what weapons and accessories people would like to see in a fourth.

    For me, there's really just one thing at the moment.

    Webstor: one of my favorite evil warriors when I was growing up - but I just can't get behind the backpack that he came with in the Classics line. As such, I'd like to see a new backpack that can snap-on to his armour... one that's more closely modeled off the vintage figure (i.e. no "spider legs"). It doesn't need to have the old action feature, although a way of winching in the excess string to make him easier to display would be pretty awesome (think of how the winch on the Wind Raider works).

    What about you? Post your wishlist here!

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    We need regular (3 striped) Palace Guard chest plates badly. At least two need to be put in the next weapons pack.

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    That list is long

    Magenta Faker stuff
    Orange 200x sword
    Blue Zodac blaster for Stinkor (Ehapa Comics)
    Yellow Zodac blaster for Sy-Klone
    Remaining Rack weapons in rust color
    White Hordak crossbow
    Blue-orange He-Man shield for Stinkor

    and many, many more...

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    Gygor's axe in Tytus colors. I'll never stop asking for this.

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    If we don't get it as the free gift, I'd like to see Netossa's sword for sure. And her helmet.

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    Skeletor's Havoc staff in 200X colors
    Horde Prime's crossbow for Hurricane Hordak
    TOD Sorceress Zoar perch in metallic blue or pearl white, not 2Cgrey
    Zoar Armor in metallic blue or pearl white
    Netossa sword


    Mighty Spector whip
    Rattlors armor
    Strobo's gun
    Skeletor gun from 3rd MOTUC Mini-Comic
    Mosquitor blood tanks
    Netossa mask
    Stratos' Emerald staff of Avion
    Acid damaged shield for King Randor
    "empty" Zodak helmet like shown at Power Con 2012
    Koradite Cystal
    Shard of Darkness with metal neckless
    Jitsu's 200x belt
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    Here is my problem: My weapons rack is full and If I get another weapons rack it will come with the weapons included, so I will have more weapons and I don't need so many weapons. My wish is a weapons rack empty, actually it could be a Grayskull wall to put weapons like in the 200X Castle. That is my wish.

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    Yellow casting hand for evil Lyn
    Netossa Sword
    Netossa faceplate
    Netossa Spear (goddess)
    BP She Ra headdress in gold with Silver Hologram sticker for she ra 1.0
    Glory Bird Stand in translucent 'Chrystal' look for TOD falcon
    GID Scare glow scythe
    Horde Prime hands in orange for Cy Chop
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    I really hope Mattel/Scott shows some love for GITD stuff !

    I mean, Wouldn’t it be AWESOME to see He-Man holding a "Glow In The Dark" Power Sword ? Maybe they should include even for She-Ra.

    BTW, they can also try colour changing Power Sword (the material that was used on SDCC clear Orko).

    As for the new weapons, well...... all I can say is, I WANT FILMATION STUFF !!!! Yep, I want to see Filmation Power Sword, Havoc Staff. Though, I would love to see them coming with their variants !!
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    I said this in the WP3 suggestion thread, and apparently Mattel didn't see it, or care for it, but I think it would be a great idea so I'd like to post it in a way that's hard to miss. (sorry admins, I would not have broken the rules by making an entire post color and all caps if I had known better)

    HORDE ARMBANDS x2-3!!!

    Also of course, Rattlor armor, Spector whip and Netossa mask are a must.

    Other suggestions: single tone Filmation power sword, Skeletor's cross-bone sword from the first Granamyr episode.
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    I love Weapons Pack wishlists!

    Vac Metal Chrome Power Sword (I've wanted this FOREVER)
    Repainted Snake Men Warrior Weapons
    BP She-Ra Sword in icy blue
    Repainted Palace Guard Weapons
    Goddess Spear in white or silver
    Repainted Grizzlor Weapons

    Rattlor Armor
    Spell Book Stand for Orko/Shadow Weaver
    Staff of Avion
    Skeletor's "Crystal Ball" Axe

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    Until we get one, I'm still gonna say silver or grey/gray whip.
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    Faction specific packs!
    Part Needs: MOTUC

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    I received pack three yesterday and I have to say it's incredibly disappointing. No stand for TOD Zoar. No matching shield and sword for the red Teela headdress and staff. A light green Clawful mace when the original one was light green. Pack four needs to fill the gaps before we start thinking about new bits. No wonder pack three is still up for sale.
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    Newly tooled:
    1. Spector's whip
    2. Rattlor's armor
    3. Strobo's gun
    4. NA He-Man helmet/armor
    5. proper Zodak belt

    1. Silver/gray MAA items
    2. Tod Zoar perch/armor
    3. Gygor Axe for Tytus
    4. Man-E-Weapons in tarnished silver to complete the Weapons Rack
    5. Snake Men armor/weapons in different colours

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    Silver Castle Grayskullman sword!
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