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Thread: Create-a-Character Discussion - Castle Grayskullman and more - now with gallery!

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    I think he looks really cool and I look forward to reading his bio and adding him to my display. Congratz, Daniel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by masque View Post
    That would be me. I am Daniel Benedict. Man, I hope everyone likes this character. I can't possibly describe how happy i am right now. Oh my... I'm in shock.
    Congrats Daniel! I can't describe how happy I am for you!
    It is totally awesome that a fellow ORGer took home the ultimate prize.

    Your figure is really cool and I hope you have a nice thick skin to shrug off all the people who are just jealous they didn't win!
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    Do we know who else won? Since I wasn't contacted I guess it wasn't me.

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    The blond hair reminds me of Tytus, who built the castle.
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    congratumalations mr daniel masque! brilliant that it was a member of the boards that got picked!
    loving the figure loving the design my first thought was is that what castle grayskull was made of? is it actually that guys skull? not really seen a clear pic yet but the ones i have seen show a brilliant design hope the bio comes out to your satisfaction!
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    Congraulations Daniel, you must be over the moon! I know I´d be!! I'l be getting this one for sure, luv it!!
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    Congrats Daniel! I could see the Sorceress using her magic to create these guys out of parts of Castle Grayskull. I love the swords and shield from the original Castle Grayskull as weapons, I always wanted those!

    I am sad that not a SINGLE figure in the 30th Anniversary line is a female (Terry Higuchi's was confirmed male and a villain a LONG time ago), so I find it very disappointing on Mattel's part for not making sure the 30th line exhibited the same diversity the MOTU line as a whole has FOR 30 years. That's a criticism of the 30th line as a whole, not the CAC winner, who I am very happy for.

    I have to be totally honest: when I FIRST saw the picture of the entry, I was shocked because I was hoping for something truly original like a werewolf or some freaky creature thing that is unlike anything we have in the line so far. I took a little while to post because I wanted it to sink in a bit and make sure I wasn't wearing my jealousy hat!

    The only think I would change on this figure would be the head. It reminds me of Hulk Hogan...a LOT for some reason.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    Now that the winner has been revealed, are we allowed to talk about our entries? Or do we have to wait until after the runner ups are announced? Or are we not supposed to discuss them period? I collaborated with someone on here.
    Not sure how it works. I really hope we are allowed to talk about them!
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    Congratulations dude. Your creation will be in a lot of peoples collections.
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    Castle Grayskullman? Really? I would love to see the awesome entries that lost to this... that's all I'm going to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draego-Man View Post
    Grayskull Wraith is also very cool.
    Poltergrayskull kind of fits with the vintage names don't you think? But he could also be mistaken for being an undead chicken man.
    I changed my mind I'll call him The Castle Grayskull Wraith, I don't know how to thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by Draego-Man View Post
    Are those reused Clawful and Whiplash shoulders?
    I think so and it's a great idea!

    Quote Originally Posted by Draego-Man View Post
    And we can all re-name it whatever we want. That is part of the fun!
    Yap! I changed name and bio to my BG Teela!

    I'm very happy for Daniel... it's a great day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidlogan View Post
    Also I agree with BJH (though I am loathe to admit it ) I think it would be a bit more interesting if his hair were made of moss. It would make complete sense if moss covering the brick of Grayskull had been used to make the hair.
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    Congrats to the winner, and that is one interesting design idea. To me it is 100% nostalgia and I would buy one.

    $1 says Scott uses a line in his announcement about how this is the way he'll get Grayskull into the line finally!
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    Congrats Daniel! Perfect character for the contest. I can't wait to add him to my collection!
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    I'm sure it's my petty jealousy that is making me think that Daniel is in on Matty's cruel joke...

    Congrats, Dan!
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    Cool look - but I dont get how it fits the cannon - he better be EVIL!! Here's an idea - Skeletor raised a zombie corpse from the grounds of Castle Grayskull and created the evil Castle Grayskull Man - it would make a good army builder... If he's good - then I am BLAH about it. The spirit of Grayskull shouldn’t be able to act like Jesus Christ (God Incarnate) because if it were that easy he would be the most powerful man in the universe and we would have no need for He-Man... My 2 cents!!


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    I like this figure a lot, and while the name is very weird it also works, somehow...I can easily see the figure (and name) having been in the vintage line.

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    I think it is pretty funny. I don't like the blonde hair, it looks weird and out of place. Everything else looks pretty cool in a fun sort of way. I really love the shield. Congratulations to Daniel Benedict, he must be on cloud 9 right now.

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    Congratulations Daniel (masque)!! What a unique and cool concept you created for MOTU. I really like how this idea of a living golem like character is made out of Castle Grayskull's stone walls. If Skeletor can create monsters out of rocks and lava, the Sorceress can surely create some out of the castle. I'm interested in his bio. Will he be an army builder type character or yet another Eternian defender of the Power sword like Vikor and Oo-Lar? He does look like he may have been fused with CG as well via magic<< which I prefer to think him as. I would like his hair a bit darkened though, other than that, such a great character!
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    I really like the figure, it's a solid and safe choice, especially for the 30th. I think he'll make a good enforcer for Castle Grayskull. Maybe he's Scare Glow's nemesis?

    Triple H could play "Castle Grayskullman" in the next Masters of the Universe movie!

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    I like this figure a lot!
    I think the hair colour works well.

    Congratulations, Daniel!
    Enjoy your new found fame (and infamy)!

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    Congratulations to the winner. A very interesting design. Reminds me a bit of Horde Prime who uses the head from the horde symbol.

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    abit sorry you didn't get to have the shock of the announcement DURING the panel (how DO they keep screwing stuff up like this?!?!???), but...
    i cannot imagine how feaking excited and overwhelmed you must feel right now! you are now immortally a part of this brand that you/we love!!! you are a legend as of today! you, daniel, today, are MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!!!
    absolute sincere congratulations, man! awesome!
    and... for what it's worth, even my initial reaction was "too cool! i LOVE it!"
    nice job... and, thanks for your contribution to the brand!

    Quote Originally Posted by masque View Post
    That would be me. I am Daniel Benedict. Man, I hope everyone likes this character. I can't possibly describe how happy i am right now. Oh my... I'm in shock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
    It's not as good as Draego-Man, but better than Spector an Laser Lot.
    Yeah, it's definitely better than those two clowns but the name is terrible.

    The Grayskull Sentry or something along those lines would have been better. I also like the Guardian of Grayskull but that's He-Man's job.

    I could see this new character forming from the bricks of Castle Grayskull to defend it from lesser threats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Kain View Post
    Really? That's what won? Congrats to the winner, but come on. While I was not expecting to win since I had to rush my drawings, I was at least hoping they would have picked a female character as the winner. We already have enough sausage in MOTU.
    I completely agree, I wish we had at LEAST one new character that was female. Pretty disappointing in that department, but defiantly digging the idea and concept of this character nevertheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krosfyah View Post
    if that's real, I quite like the design. hate the name and fear the potential bio.

    I think he looks cool (would have done without the hair, though) and I'll definitely add him. Don't care much for the name, but couldn't care less for the bio as I don't think they matter for anything anyway. And since the name is just what will be on the package I will be tearing off, I don't care much about that either.

    So, I think it's a win.

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