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Thread: Create-a-Character Discussion - Castle Grayskullman and more - now with gallery!

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    castle grayskull man? ... hmm ... seems more like an actual part of the castle that comes to life when summoned by he-man or something rather than an actual unique character or separate entity ... i can see him popping out of the castle wall before battle, but not acting as an independent character ...

    but hey, well done mr benedict! i think the concept of the figure is great, and hopefully we will one day get a castle for mr grayskull to live in!! congratulations for winning

    but from the mattel side of things; the "30th anniversary" line on the whole has been a huge fail for me personally - why call it that?? none of the figures apart from fearless photog have anything whatsoever to do with the history of MOTU - why didn't they just call it the "designers" line? ... or the "creatORS" line? ...
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