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Thread: Not Subscribing? Why? And Can We Help?

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    Not Subscribing? Why? And Can We Help?

    We have all sorts of threads about who is subscribing, and how many subs they are buying. But I haven’t seen one yet that is specifically for the purpose of stating why you are NOT subscribing and if anything could change your mind. So…if that is you, please share your reasoning.

    And guys, please be respectful. This is not the place to bash anyone for their reasons for not subscribing, or the consequences of not subscribing.

    It could, however, be the place to help our fellow fans, and through them ourselves.

    If Person A says “I’m not subscribing because I don’t want the Fighting Foe Men,” then person B could say “Hey, no problem! I want an extra set! I’ll buy it from you.”

    If Person C says “I’m not subscribing because shipping is ridiculous,” then person D could say “Hey, I noticed we both live in Tucson. Would you like to combine shipping with me so we can save some cash?”

    If Person E says “I’m not subscribing because international shipping is super expensive,” Person F could say “Well, I live in the US. I’m willing to receive your sub and send it to you on a quarterly basis.”
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    One of my friends is going to receive my packages in the US and then send it to me. Free from customs charges :-)

    Perhaps some Orgers could do the same? And then more internationals could subscribe
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    Great idea for a thread! Please don't relegate this to the markeplace where only a few people will see it! Handle all real transactions there or via pms, but at least let people do some problem solving here where the action is!
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    Not subbing because of the line up. Only looking forward to

    Ram man

    For 2013 so far

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    Same here, to be honest. Too many characters I would not buy in any case, retail or cherry picking, so I don't want to spend money on so many guys I do not care for. This past year I did for just a few, but next year just outweighs the people I want. ;(

    Quote Originally Posted by CAIRO View Post
    Not subbing because of the line up. Only looking forward to

    Ram man

    For 2013 so far

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    I am not subscribing this year because:

    a) I don't want every single MOTUC release
    b) I don't want to pay the high price of Digital River shipping for each figure (along with tax)
    c) I am only a casual MOTU fan with other higher interests (Star Wars/Transformers/Marvel Universe/Marvel comics)
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    No, I'm not subscribing.

    Why ? You all know why. I was quite thorough in other threads about the many reasons why I don't want to take the sub.

    And no, you can't "do" anything about it, and there's nothing you can do to "help", let alone to convince me or to push me to buy the sub. That's my personal and firm decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TombstonePiledrive View Post
    Same here, to be honest. Too many characters I would not buy in any case, retail or cherry picking, so I don't want to spend money on so many guys I do not care for. This past year I did for just a few, but next year just outweighs the people I want. ;(

    Same for me. Have never liked the sub/ PoP MYP figures and my non purchasing at Matty shows it. I came into this line when 1st release He-Man and Beastman came out and buying the og MOTUC figures was fun.
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    Matty/DR slapped several hundred dollars of bogus charges on my credit card last November after mixing my account in with at least one other person, maybe more. Unless you can remove DR from any involvement whatsoever in the site, there is no way I would ever consider giving them access to a credit card again, so subbing directly with Matty is out of the question. I do "sub" with BBTS through pre-orders, so if anyone else is doing the same, you can help by encouraging them to keep subbing with Matty by letting them know you will be buying the figures next year. I already emailed them to ask if they were carrying the line in 2013 so they'd know I'm interested.
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    I don't think it is one reason people are not subbing, I think it is a whole host of reasons. That has been made clear in many of the other threads.

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    I think this is a great idea for a thread. It's important to know what's holding certain people back from subbing. Some issues, we cannot help with (like scott metzger's ), but others, there can be solutions for.

    - International shipping costs/customs being too high (partner up with a US buddy and have them shipped to you each quarter via DHL. Shipments are tracked, cheaper than the regular Matty shipping when you have at least 6 figures, it's POSSIBLE to avoid customs and can be insured). Thread about it here:

    - Too much money? Partner up with a LOCAL fan if you can, then you can split the shipping equally. This could save you a lot of money.

    - I only want certain characters. Talk to your local comic book shops and see if they will buy a sub and work out a deal of how much you are willing to pay for the character(s) you know you want. OR e-mail an online retailer that carries MOTUC figures (like BigBadToyStore) and let them know which figure you want and how many of them. Even though you won't be buying a subscription, you still help get more subscriptions sold!

    OR partner up with another person who wants to sub but doesn't want certain characters. Vintage MOTU fan who doesn't want Filmation or PoP could team up with someone who ONLY wants Filmation and PoP!

    I'm sure we can all think of creative and cost effective solutions to many problems. Obviously not ALL the problems, but a lot of them.
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    I only want POP and Filmation releases. If you DON'T want them, we could make a good partnership (particularly if you're in the UK - I've actually had a kind offer from an American board member).

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    I can totally understand the 'not thrilled with lineup' argument, but we've only seen 1/4 of the year so far.... well technically 1/3 since Snake Face is likely it seems. Each year for me there's a figure or two I don't like that much but the rest of the year always is great. From the way it sounds (which may or may not be accurate) seems like there are plenty of folks who want Netossa or Fang man. Maybe find someone to partner up on a sub with. Pair up some PoP only folk with some Vintage only folk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-Ra View Post
    One of my friends is going to receive my packages in the US and then send it to me. Free from customs charges :-)

    Perhaps some Orgers could do the same? And then more internationals could subscribe

    I offered this to my friend in Germany...
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    A safe place to vent, explain and not be judged... good. Well guys, I have two words why I'm not getting a 2013 sub... Star Sisters. I don't ever want to go through that again. To pay sixty plus dollars for a set that I never wanted just kills me. It angers me to look at them on my shelf, it really does. I have supported the sub from the beginning and I've done it blindly with no question until now. I love MOTUC to death but I'm not going to put that kind of pressure on myself. Secondly, I simply can't justify the price of the sub anymore. This is just me now so please respect that. To be perfectly clear I've never had a quality control or Digital River issue, so for me that's was never a problem. So it's come down to paying for an expensive sub for figures I don't want. Yeah, I don't think I can be helped. The decision has been made, no sub, no way. I'll be picking to the end at this point.

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    No sub for me, Thanks. Reason...unwanted figures, I learned my lesson with the 2012 sub.
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    Why I don't subscribe this year or previously.

    I don't want most of the figures, I buy those whose design I like. Since the beginning of the line that's been 9 figures, with 4 more that I didn't have the money for at the time and 2 more that have been revealed. In addiition I've bought the Wind Raider and will be buying a Battle Cat and Gygor.I'm a shining example of a cherry picker.

    Could you get me to subscribe this year? Yeah, but you're not gonna like the asking price. I need Emiliano to fill in and draw an episode of an upcoming comic book for me. If you can get him tp do that I'll buy a sub and give the unwanted figs to the nearest children's hospital or the like.

    Well, I can dream

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    Because I collect for enjoyment! I buy things when I want them..Not when I'm told to. If I don't want Netossa or FFM I shouldn't be made to. I collect DVD's also and buy them monthly. But I'm not about to subscribe to a club that forces me to buy Jonah Hill or Julia Roberts movies.

    It shouldn't be that complicated..And I'm not letting it be.

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    I am not getting the sub as I did not last year. I am a vintage only collector, I do not want "fighting foe men, Procrustus, or any other obscure character that I have seen on the cartoons. I am even on the fence about Ram Man (I am used to his legs being fused together, not apart ). The price in my opinion was steep at 20 bucks but now at 25 to 27 with no action features, these figures are not worth it for the casual collector such as myself. If the line were to end tomorrow due to low sales, then so be it.
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    5 (almost 6) subs in 2012 (2x both MOTUC, + DCU and GB)

    This year? Zero.


    Matty effectively told me they could choose not to ship me stuff and it's my problem because I'm an international customer. Over three years I've spent $5,000+ on their product, and I've never filed a claim with them, but now if I happen to lose the DR lottery in 2013, I'll just have to eat the cost? Not a chance.

    The alternative is being stuck with DHL... which in my experience are the worst international shipping company on the face of the earth. I *always* get hammered with abusive "brokerage fees" when receiving DHL shipments.

    I've done nothing but send my hard earned cash to Matty... and the insulting way they respond has completely turned me off. Unless they mitigate this policy (for instance an allowance for long-term customers), then they have lost my piece of the pie.

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    Nope. No sub. in 2013 for me.
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    1/Character selection. I don't want Fighting Foe Men or the risk of another Snake Man At Arms or concept character. I'm not a NA fan, but a couple of those I can live with.

    2/Shipping/Customs (but this could be solved if I get the sub shipped by a US based friend)

    So it's basically receiving concept characters and cheaped out variants thats my problem Only Toyguru can solve that.
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    The figures revealed so far do not excite me. I've wasted too much money already on figures I don't want. My figures sit in many plastic tubs in my garage. I am saving money. I am thinking about selling the 100+ figures I've already collected. I've fallen out of love with MOTU (its not me, its you). I do not care for the condescending tones the brand manager takes answering questions. I don't like that people seem to get screwed over every month by mattel, matty, or digital river. I have no interest in figures I've never heard of. The writings on the wall, the line will end next year regardless of how many subs are purchased. I have more but I think you get my point by now.

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    Funny to come across this thread, as I've been in communication with a fellow .orger who is subscribing but doesn't want the FFM, so I've pledged to buy them.

    But kinda sad in a way that it even has to come down to stuff like this . . .

    As for why I'm not subscribing myself, it just comes down to simple economics.
    The overall sub program has become far too expensive for me to commit to, even if I knew I'd want 100% of the releases.

    But just looking back over the past year or two, I've really only been interested in about HALF of the releases.

    That's not to say I only have a small list of characters I like, but when we have so many dud, misfire, boring or botched QC figures like Snout Spout, Clawful, Stinkor, Star Sisters, and on and on, I can't afford to buy in and then deal with reselling half or better of the subscription items.

    But yeah, overall I'm like BJH in that not only is MotU not the sole recipient of my disposable income (something Scott and Mattel would do well do recognize), it's not even close to the sole recipient of my action figure moneys.

    And when you've got the amazing quality of stuff like Play Arts Kai, the 4H's in-house toy lines like Gothitropolis, the scope, diversity, displayability, and availability of Hasbro's 4" lines, and on and on, MOTUC can't even begin to demand in the high three figure range for a year's worth of toys.

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    Hello there- I am not buying a subscription this year because I was extremely disappointed with the reveals, I was expecting more POP. Mattel has neglected to offer more figures from this line in my opinion. We are missing way too many members of the great rebellion. I was expecting something like:

    a) Castaspella
    b) a transformed catra would have been AWESOME
    c) or Filmation Clawdeen with the same buck as Panthor or Battle cat
    d) at least a Filmation Hordak would have done it for me

    Oh well... from what Toyguru mentioned, there will be none of these figures I think I am done with the line.

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