She-Ravers want to know who is NOW the drop dead most requested characters in POP on Who is the next Frosta, Catra, Scorpia or Mermista? This will be like those "Sum all ______" threads. If your choice is new, start from 1.

Adora, She-Ra, Bow, Filmation Swift Wind, Catra, Bubble Power She-Ra, Starla, Jewelstar, Tallstar, Glorybird, Frosta and Netossa are all exempt since we know they are coming or have already been made. You can however, vote for their variants or alternate costumes. This thread is to see who are the most popular and who we aren't too crazy about.

This is for characters who haven't been announced.

Filmation characters and Golden Book characters are now on the table upon acquiring the Filmation Rights! Watch out! Scorpia is coming!
Who will come out with the most votes? Will Mermista retain her title as Idol Champ? Will Glimmer or Scorpia be the champ this time? Madame Razz? Or will someone new be the next Idol?

Here are the other current Idol threads:
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The Rules: Remember, you can only vote for one character. If you miss reading this and choose multiple characters, I'll just chose the first character written. You can also change your vote over time...let me know.

I'll tally up the votes on each new page, so if you want to see who's winning, go to the last page. If I've missed someone or if I've missed anyone voting twice, let me know.

The character with the most votes wins, regardless if their figure is revealed or not.

POP Idol 1 Winner: FROSTA (She got a figure!)
POP Idol 2 Winner: FROSTA (She got a figure!)
POP Idol 3 Winner: FROSTA (She got a figure!)
POP Idol 4 Winner: MERMISTA
POP Idol 5 Winner: SCORPIA

Like the other current Idol threads, this ends when we learn of a new POP character in Classics.

I'll go first:

Castaspella +1