(I apologize in advance if this is not the right place for this, but it seemed most appropriate.)

Greetings, I am a sculptor for the NECA toy company and last year the NECA creative team began a new workplace holiday tradition called 'Bring Your Man-E-Faces to Work' Day and it's meant to happen the day after Labor Day. Well it's coming up again (Sept. 4th) and a few of us at NECA have created a page to promote the event. Nothing serious, just a fun way to celebrate our enthusiasm for the MOTU line as well as the one character we can all agree on owning.

Also, the page isn't just for the holiday we created, but for anything and everything Man-E-Faces. It's about time he got his own page! We have all kinds of toy pictures, artwork, and information about Eternia's famed actor.

So come check it out, celebrate with us and feel free to comment or add your own Man-E related photos and artwork!


Man-E-Faces mask.jpg